‘Big Brother 2022: When Does It Begin And More

Big Brother’s Closest Pals As The Conclusion Approaches, Aleisha And Johnson Square Off.

Big Brother, a fan favourite, is returning for another summer season only a few months after Miesha Tate claimed victory in Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Even after 23 seasons, viewers are still enthralled by the reality TV phenomenon (plus three celebrity specials). The concept may seem simple—a group of people share a home while having every move recorded by various cameras and microphones—but with weekly eliminations and a $750,000 grand prize at stake, things are sure to become interesting.

This week saw the season 24 launch of Big Brother, and things are moving quickly within the house. Daniel Durston, the current Head of the Household, will likely play for the Power of the Veto on Saturday in preparation for Sunday’s program. FuboTV and Paramount In both offer live streaming for the program.

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There are new twists this season, one of which is a means for America to get more involved in the game, as host Julie Chen Moonves hinted before the season began. The houseguests had to discover a ticket in the backyard of the house, which divided them into three teams: team merch tent, team piercing tent, and team Porta-Potty, in keeping with the “Festival” theme of the season.

However, Pooch discovered the Backstage Boss ticket, excluding him from the competitions for the remainder of the week. He was not permitted to play the game or be a potential eviction candidate. Still, he was allowed to invite three guests to join him backstage. Paloma, Alyssa, and Brittany were his choices. Now, one of them may be saved by American voters. View the voting procedures.

How Soon Will Big Brother 2022 Begin?

A 90-minute episode of Big Brother 2022 debuted on Wednesday, July 6, at 8/7c. In the bumper episode, the new Houseguests will be presented to viewers as they settle into their new homes.

How Can I Vote To Keep A Backstage Houseguest Alive On Big Brother 24?

Now that the first eviction is approaching, America has the chance to ensure the security of one of the Backstage Houseguests. It is still uncertain if the procedure will stay in place for the rest of the season or whether there will be changes. While the Backstage Houseguests cannot be nominated, the two who received the most minor support risk being eliminated. To cast your vote, go to and choose “vote” for the house guest you want to avoid being booted out. You must enter your email address and consent to the terms and conditions there.

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