Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Be A Hit With Highest RAM

All You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy S8

After getting over the fiasco of the Note 7, Samsung desperately needs a hit in the shape of the Samsung Galaxy S8!

Watching Note 7 getting off the shelves was heartbreaking. It was a nightmare for Samsung, retailers, and users. Fortunately, S8 is being shaped up as something extraordinary even before the release!

In past, we have seen Samsung coming up with innovative features. We have seen wonders with the curved shape and best camera. So, what’s next? This time, Korean Giant is deciding to change the track a little bit. S8 will likely come up with a massive 8GB RAM! If it happens, Galaxy S8 will be the world’s first phone packed with such an amount of RAM.

Along with the RAM, the company will add faster Universal Flash Storage up to 256GB. Accurately, the performance will be as faster as the high-end workstation.

Talking about the design, S8 will have an oversized panel. But the outlook won’t be dissimilar to the S7 footprint. Precisely, the company will feature a curved screen phone with heavily reduced bezels.

The users may get concerned about display quality. In the previous flagship, Samsung impressed the world with 4k technology. But the majority has no clue that 4k display is battery hungry technology. This was the main reason why Samsung added high-end batteries to Note 7. Unfortunately, that flagship ends in vain. In the next flagship, Samsung is planning to come up with QHD / 2k technology. It is nothing like 4k but not disappointing. The users will be satisfied with the 2K display screen.

If we take a look from the battery’s perspective, S8 might be slower. And we know the reason why it is going to be this way. But things will be compensated with a high amount of RAM. To be honest, a smartphone with 8GB RAM will be the real deal!

Its rivals have launched smartphones with dual camera. But Samsung may not settle on this. Its solo camera technology can stand in a crowd easily!

The bottom line is that S8 will be the fastest gadget out there!


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Fun Fact

Why is my Samsung S8 so slow?

Your Samsung Galaxy S8 is always doing something in the background and an accumulation of these processes can slow down your device significantly. You can limit this to keep performance at a maximum. Access developer options to find out the limits of background processes.

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