Quickest Guide to Become a Fiverr Affiliate and Earn a Profit

Easy Tips to Start Making Money Throught a Fiverr Affiliate

Many freelancers find the Fiverr Affiliate Program as an easy way to earn money. After all, it does not require investments, specialized training, or specific skillsets. Anyone with a computer, an Internet connection, and social media can become an affiliate!

Fiverr affiliates only need to promote the service and share referral links to people who want services on Fiverr. They do not need to be famous on social media to apply or succeed. Affiliates only need to contact their family, friends, and people interested in using Fiverr.

This article will serve as your quickest guide in your career as a Fiverr affiliate. You will also receive strategies that can help you earn profits in the program.

What are Fiverr and Its Affiliate System?

Fiverr is an online platform for millions of freelancers (called sellers) who want to offer their services and capabilities. The site connects sellers to over five million clients (called buyers) around the globe. Sellers can charge buyers based on the project costs and their agreement. All of this takes place with the security and transparency that Fiverr provides.

Because Fiverr is a famous and dynamic marketplace, it is wise to leverage the brand. This advantage is where Fiverr affiliates come in. They promote the website to those who need the services of skilled freelancers. If the clients choose to purchase from Fiverr, the Fiverr affiliates receive a commission.

Affiliates do not need to own or have gigs and products of their own. They only need to suggest the website to prospective buyers. Fiverr affiliates can also recommend a particular seller they prefer. In return, the website offers high commissions and conversion rates.

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The Fiverr Commission System

Affiliates receive a commission only if the client who used the link purchased on Fiverr for the first time. So if someone already bought a service before clicking your referral link, you will have no compensation. But do not lose hope: there are millions of people who have not yet tried using Fiverr.

The website has a CPA plan, a system with fixed payments based on the services and products the user will avail. These commissions range from $15 to $150 in sales. Here is a summary of the Fiverr CPA Affiliate Commission Plan:

  • $15 — other services and categories that are not on this list
  • $25 — articles, resume, short advertisements, gaming services, graphics, marketing, and blogging
  • $30 — animations, logo design, search engine optimization, research work, editing services, music composition, and consultation
  • $40 — music videos, interior design, game and website development
  • $50 — mobile development, data science, and product development
  • $150 — services and products offered on Fiverr Pro

In the next 12 months, you will receive a 10% commission on the clients’ every purchase.

Aside from the regular Fiverr website, you can also promote its other services as its affiliate. Here is the commission plan for the Fiverr products:

  • Fiverr Business. This service provides enterprises and businesses access to respected and professional sellers. The affiliates here will receive $100 if the buyer spends the same amount. They will also receive 10% of the revenue in the next 12 months.
  • Fiverr Affiliates. The affiliates will gain 10% of a referred affiliate’s revenue.
  • Learn from Fiverr. This program provides online courses and tutorials for those willing to learn. The affiliates will receive 30% of the client’s course payments.
  • And. Co. This online business management program makes it easier to manage payments, finances, and tasks.The affiliates who promote this service will gain 50% of the client’s subscription plan.

Getting The Fiverr Affiliate Link

You can get a shareable referral link to Fiverr through the following simple steps:

  1. Sign up to become a Fiverr Affiliate. There, you will provide your basic contact information, the login credentials you want to use, and other relevant details.
  2. Once you have successfully signed up, open the Marketing Tools dropdown menu on the left side of the window. Then, click Default and Deep Links.
  3. There, you will see the different Fiverr services and the referring links you can use
  4. If you want to recommend a specific page on Fiverr, copy its link. Then, return to the Marketing Tool dropdown and the Default and Deep Link page. Click the Dynamic Parameters button, copy the project’s URL, and click Enter.
  5. The referring links will get updated. You can copy and spread those to your interested friends, family members, and colleagues.
  6. If you want to clear things up, visit the Fiverr Affiliates tutorial pages to learn more.
  7. Do not forget to link your PayPal account since you will receive your affiliate commissions there.

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Strategies That You Can Use as a Fiverr Affiliate

  • Many leading affiliates use video tutorials and brief advertisements to attract potential clients. They use blogs, YouTube posts, and social media to reach more people. Having an attractive and professional-looking advertisement can encourage potential buyers, so ensure to buy one.
  • You can also choose your favorite sellers to review and promote. Then, make content about them. For example, you can make a video showing an experienced web designer on Fiverr and how to hire him.
  • You can cloak or shorten your affiliate referral link to make it easier to share and identify.
  • Always promote Fiverr. Instead of reviewing other platforms and service providers, check if they have products on Fiverr. Then, you can speak about those.
  • You may use your email to promote Fiverr to more people.
  • Most Fiverr sellers are professionals and excellent at their careers. Use this as a selling point to potential buyers.
  • You may motivate clients to purchase more than one service on Fiverr. For example, they may want to avail SEO, programming, and blogging services.
  • Show the capabilities of Fiverr. For example, make a list of the products that this site offers.

What You Should Do If There Are Issues

Like every online service, Fiverr may have glitches or issues in its Affiliate program. There were rare cases where affiliates could not receive their payments. You can always contact Fiverr’s email and affiliate support system if this happens.

Fiverr validates all of the purchases on the site, both for the affiliates and the referred clients. They verify if they are first-time buyers because this factor is crucial for the commission system.

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