Questacon – Australia is one of the most developed nations of the world that has done a great progress in almost every field. The country is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring success whenever it comes to Science and Technology. This highly technically developed country furnishes a great surprise for all the people who are keen, and curious as to Science and innovations. Questacon is one such destination of Australia which has now become a hub for all the science lovers. The National Science and Technology Center is located in the capital city of Australia, Canberra on the very southern shore of the Lake Burley Griffin.

Questacon: the hub of all the scientific activities:

This center is undoubtedly the hub for all the scientific activities. It contains more than 200 interactive exhibitions that are totally based on Science and Technology. A number of science programs at this center are devoted to learners, science lovers as well as children. All the scientific activities and experiments here attract a majority of amateurs and learners. Whether it is a free fall down towards a six meter slide or a live/fake experience of an earthquake – the room for learning at Questacon is always open.

It’s Time to Discover Science:

Questacon entertains one thing or the other for everyone who is passionate about science. As you start exploring this place, you will come across a variety of programs, projects, discoveries for educators, parents and guardians, school students, university students, curious students and many more. This center also entertains scientific training for all the learners. You can get yourself admitted in Questacon to get acquainted with all kinds of learning related to science and technology. Thus, your whole experience at Questacon would be fun, relevant and interactive.

Visit and learn Science:

Science is fun, science is educative. At Questacon, you will discover everything scientific and innovative. You will get to learn new things, you will get to explore new things. This place will surely leave you enlightened about some amazing discoveries that science has given to us. The opening hours of this center extend from 9 am to 5 pm every day. This center remains closed on the Christmas day. The entry costs for adults range up-to $23.00 whereas the entry for the children under 4 years of age is absolutely free. Visit Questacon now to get an amazing experience with Science and Technology.

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