Outstanding Tie Ideas For Fashionable Men

Find Your Looks With These Outstanding Tie Ideas For Fashionable Men

There are many things you need to look for when buying a Tie like for example the color, length and knot. When buying a Tie, pay special attention to the pattern and color and try to picture how it will look with the clothes you are planning on wearing it with.

At the Tie Rack, we have had a large range of Pocket squares Australia available to match your Tie with.

There are some important things you have to consider when choosing the right Neck ties Australia. Here are a few important tips.

Size Actually Matters

Choosing the right size Tie is important. We would recommend a man with a larger build to stay away from buying Skinny Ties whereas someone with a slimmer build should look at Ties with a width of around 8cm at the bottom end of the Tie. The length of the Tie is also a crucial factor. You don’t want the Tie sitting too high or too low. View our selection of Both Skinny Ties and Regular Size Ties Australia. We have a variety of Ties that will surely suit any man. Another important factor would be the size of the lapel. The width of the top part of the Tie that sits under the collar should not be visible. You don’t want your Tie showing from under the collar of your shirt.  These are just some small things to take into consideration when choosing both Shirt and Tie.


One more crucial thing to be remembered is the material of the Tie. It needs to perfectly match the shirt and Jacket you’re wearing it with. Stay away from using a silky and shiny Tie if you are also wearing a silky and shiny shirt. If you’re wearing a plain shirt we would recommend a patterned Tie.

When it comes to the occasion, keep in mind that if you are wearing a formal shirt then stick to a formal looking Tie. If you are planning on wearing a casual shirt, then we would suggest sticking to a casual Tie like a cotton Tie which can be found on our website. We have a large range of ties to suit any formal event like a wedding. We also have a great range of casual Ties Online on our website to suit a more casual event like a 21st Birthday party.

If you are planning on wearing a cotton or linen Tie, they are best matched with cotton shirts most specifically throughout the summer season. For the time of winter, we suggest wearing a Knitted Tie or Cashmere Tie for both comfort and to suit the season.

Some people may prefer the look of a Bow Tie. Search through our large range of Bow Ties Online. We have Bow Ties to suit almost any occasion from Weddings, Cocktail Party’s, Funerals or to wear in the office. We have Bow Ties of almost any pattern and colour.

Patterns and Colors

Using a solid colored plain Tie is the best option for men that are planning on matching their Tie with a patterned shirt.  You can also match a Tie with a plain shirt of a different colour to create a nice contrast. One example of this is wearing a cherry coloured Tie on top of a black coloured shirt. It will make your Tie pop and help it stand out. Visit our website to find the best Tie to suit you. I hope you got all the necessary details regarding Tie ideas. If you want to know about Tie ideas more then please checkout our previous blogs.

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