Ocean Freight Services For International Shipping of Cargo

Courier Your Goods Anywhere in The World With Ocean Freight Services 

In the proper sense, trading goods transit via cruise ships is termed as “shipping”. At present, this business has progressed into a global industry. It includes architects of transportation, companies handling numerous tasks such as export/import, goods transit, loading and delivery to the world. When goods are transported to destinations worldwide via the ocean, this is termed as “Ocean freight”. The process involves loading goods & products on cargo ships and transporting them from one port to another around the world.

Importers and exporters get help from ocean freight forwarding services from local businesses and all aspects that are related to international shipping are handled by these freight services by companies around the world.

What is the Role of Air Freight or Ocean Freight Forwarding Services?

The intermediary logistics provider is a “freight forwarder” who takes care of goods transportation and manages the entire process. Ocean freight forwarding & air freight, are services offered by industry experts who have exceptional knowledge of the shipping industry. The service provider is also well aware of the governing regulations and has a long list of partners including agents, carriers, business contacts etc. They have shipping accessibility status in real-time tracking, along with updated maps of the shipping line.

These resources are used by the freight forwarders and offer the best possible solutions to their clients. Freight forwarding services including air freight & ocean freight forwarding, strive to offer the best solutions in terms of carriers, cost, bookings of containers, economical routes, time of transit, insurance of shippers and more. Compared to the businesses or carriers that ship independently, they have logistical knowledge and an economical advantage as goods are transported in large volumes with them.

Wide range of services:

An assortment of services is offered by the ocean freight forwarding such as:

Transportation-transit related services:

  • International and domestic carriers coordination
  • Domestic delivery and pickup from/to the port
  • The warehousing, coordination and arrangement of customs. For example, this is for when the duty of the importing good is not paid or there is a problem, custom officials and the importer store the cargo in joint custody.
  • Arrangement and loading of container for managing break-bulk packing.
  • Risk management, insurance and prevention of cargo loss

Import/export-related services:

  • Licensing of export/import
  • Freight quotations
  • Transportation services
  • Management of containers
  • Documentation support: clients receive complete support from the freight forwarding services in terms of shipping documents including credit letter, lading bill, commercial invoice, origin certificate etc.

All these benefits are the advantages when you take the services of reliable freight forwarders. In this case, the best option available in Australia & the world is JTM Cargo, the leading name serving in the industry for over 22 years. They have always been able to live up to expectations of clients with the efficient and smooth movement of any cargo. Work of any size can be handled by JTM Cargo, having great experience in both international and domestic ocean freight forwarding, air freight, partnerships of supply chain and custom clearance. Just visit www.jtmcargo.com.au and enjoy efficient, integrated and effective benefits of the supply chain. If you want to know more then checkout our previous articles.

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