Mastering Camera Lenses Choice – Photography Tutorial

Camera Lenses – Which One Is Ideal For Your Use?

Camera lenses –  Coming to a section of tutorials about lenses, you need to know the use of an appropriate lens in your camera for better photography. Majority of people purchase high-end digital SLR camera body and have a question – which lens to put on the camera? At times they opt for wide range zoom when they can do with point and shoot type of camera. In the era of the film the type of camera body didn’t make much of the difference in terms of quality of the picture, the lens had a very important role to play, people spending more on the lenses than the body of the camera was fair enough.

Camera Lenses – Digital Age

But in the digital era, the body of the camera has a more important role to play. The camera’s sensor quality is also vital along with the lens of the camera. With the option of changing lens possible in digital camera possible, buying a camera with a single lens is not using the camera to the fullest. Digital SLR is lighter as well as smaller and takes better pictures most of the time. The zoom lens though has a larger range but you need to make lots of compromises in using it. In addition to losing quality, the zoom lens is more expensive when compared to a prime or non-zoom lens.

Mastering Camera Lenses Choice – Photography Tutorial
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Zoom lenses when used in camera reduce sharpness and contrast in your pictures and are also slower. Prime lenses have a shorter range and have to be changed more frequently but have lesser compromises on the picture taken. The lenses with large aperture are termed as fast lenses. Though fast lenses are heavy and big, they are very good for shallow depth of field. These fast lenses help you focus the subject and leave foreground or background blurry. Less light is not a hurdle for fast lenses. Also, these lenses are expensive. Which lens to be bought for your camera is a tricky question?

Camera Lenses – Manufacturer Variations

Each camera manufacturer provides large variety of lenses in terms of qualities as well as cost. As each photographer has his own preferences and style it is very difficult to make a decision about the appropriate lens to be used in general. The various types of lenses that are being offered by the manufacturer are listed here. Standard lenses were usually provided with the camera in 50 mm range in film cameras which with time are disappearing from the scene. The lens provided with DSLR are called a kit lens.

Camera Lenses – Everyday Shooting

This entry-level lens is a general-purpose lens used for everyday shooting. The prime lens is the one having only one focal length only. This lens is used for speed as well as image quality. You as a photographer has to think more about your photography when using a prime lens. Telephoto zoom lenses need not many adjustments and hence are one of the most popular lenses. You don’t need to come closer to the subject to take photograph. Large numbers of lenses are now in market with image stabilization to overcome camera shake. Macro lenses are designed to enable you to shoot the subject from very close quarters.

Another type of lenses is wide-angle lenses, as the name suggests you can take shots with a wider perspective in your photographs. Wide-angle lenses are available in prime lenses type as well as lower-end zoom lenses. Sometimes the photograph taken from wide-angle lenses can distort your snaps taken. This little knowledge about lenses lets hope will help you in the purchase of the same for your requirements.

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