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The Liberal Party of Australia is one center-right political party of Australia. This party was founded in the year 1945. It replaced the United Australian Party in the same year. This party is one of the major parties of Australia. It falls along with the center left Australian Labor Party. The Liberal Party of Australia is one dominant and largest party. It has its coalition with the National Party of Australia, the Liberal National Party of Queensland as well as the Country Liberal Party of the Northern Territory. This party is affiliated to the Internal Democrat Union internationally. The leader of the party is Malcolm Turnbull. The deputy leader of the party is Julie Bishop.

Foundation of The Liberal Party of Australia:

The formation of the Liberal Party of Australia was announced formally on the 31st of August in the year 1945. The announcement took place at the Sydney Town Hall. The label of ‘liberal’ was given to it in the honor of the old Commonwealth Liberal Party. It was dominated by the remains of the old party. However, few exceptions were added into it. The Australian Women’s National League was also merged with the new Liberal Party of Australia. Later, Young Nationalists were also merged into the same. By the occurrence of September in the year 1945, 90,000 members became the member of this party.

Policies and Politics:

The Liberal Party of Australia is a political party which believes in individual freedom. The plans and policies of this party strive in a number of fields such as economy, defense, infrastructure, etc. This party aims in building a strong economy system in the nation. It aims to flourish innovation and science in the remotest corners of Australia. The Liberal Party of Australia also looks for cleaning up the construction industry and backing the small business of the country.

Ministry of the Liberal Party of Australia:

The Prime Minister and other members of the Liberal Party of Australia are total 42 in number. The Senators and Senate candidates also form a part of the team. The organizational as well as parliamentary wing of the party have defined and separate roles to serve the nation. The Liberal Party of Australia has governed the country for 42 years since its formation. It has held power in all the states in different and varying periods. You can show your support by joining the party today.

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Country Liberal Party – Political Party

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