Five Facts You Never Knew About Travelling to Australia

Travelling to Australia

Five Facts You Never Knew About Travelling to Australia

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Australia is always in the hit list of people who loves to visit places.

Australia also has a lot of heritage places besides its highly developed and advanced infrastructures to explore and discover. Therefore, when the name of this country comes to mind, we always imagine a perfect place to be.

It is very evident to know that every year, Australia gets huge footfalls in its heart. Such a vast crowd includes tourists from inside and outside the country as we know that people also travel states to states to enjoy the beauty of the country.

Today we will talk all about touring Australia as a tourist place. Bear with us, to schedule your best days with your baggage. We are going to provide you with the unknown information about this place you would be eager to know before you land up.  

Australia has many beautiful places to explore.

Taking a trip to places like –

  • Uluru
  • Sydney Harbour
  • Manly ferry in Sydney Harbour
  • Arnhem Land
  • Cottesloe Beach
  • Cradle Mountain
  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • Daintree Rainforest
  • Lake Hillier
  • Hyams Beach
  • Lord Howe Island
  • Whitsunday Islands
  • Fleurieu Peninsula etc is just a great thing to witness. These places are always considered as the best tours in this country.

It has been seen that a massive crowd from China, New Zealand & United States, Canada, Mexico, India, always visits Australia. Most of the tourists come from the United States and one can fly with United having access to United Airlines book flights either from its official site or which is a robust and user-friendly platform that provides satisfactory Air Travel services to the seekers.

Well, before you land up to the country, here we would like to let you know about the 10 Facts You Never Knew About Travel Australia.

5 Facts You Never Knew About Traveling Australia

Five Facts You Never Knew About Travelling to Australia

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Brae Yourself if You Like Alps

Do you believe that Swiss Alps has snowier than the Australian once?

Well, then you are in a myth!

If you are a person who loves shows and Alps the most, and you find it very adventurous, then Australia is the best place to be.

You might have heard that beaches are brilliant in Australia, which is right too. But Australian Alps has a different level of dementia altogether. The best time to visit these alps is the time of June and September. So you can schedule your trip at that time.

Experiencing the Australian society is also fun itself. Especially if you are from the Asian continent, you find a lot of difference in terms of the lifestyle and mindset. In the initial days, you will also feel some difficulty if you strictly follow their food habits.

In Australia, many restaurants sell food from different continents. You probably need that for the first few days. And then simultaneously try their food habits to enjoy your holidays.

Coast if the Part that you would reach to understand the Australian Society

It may sound very unusual, but actually, 80% of Australian people live on the Coast.

Yes! You read it right! Have you also heard that there are vast deserts in Australia? If you have listened to the name of Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne and have those in your wish list, then bang on. You are on the right path. These are the best places to visit.

You should visit the coast of this country to see how people are there. To let you know more about it, we would say that the Australian coastline is beautiful. So it is worth visiting.

We would also suggest you visit while touring Australia there, the places called

  • Port Macquarie
  • Queensland

Experiencing the Australian society is also fun itself. Especially if you are from the Asian continent. You personally might find a lot of difference in terms of the lifestyle and mindset.

Australia has the least polluted island to experience its air

Did you ever hear the mane of Tasmania?

Hope you would have! Because Tasmania is one of the most beautiful islands to visit in the world. The best thing is this island is situated in Australia.

It’s fascinating to know that this island has the cleanest air in its climate. If you want to experience any outdoor games or to sit with calm under the open sky, then Tasmania in Australia is the best place to be.

People compares it as clean air as Antarctica.

This place is all surrounded by the state national park, and other heritages of the country. Calling it the walker’s paradise will not be the wrong term to use. So, as such you are going for enjoyment and relaxation, Tasmania, itself can give you 80% of enjoyment.

Are you a Wine Lover!

Well, if you are, then Australia will seem like a paradise for drinking to you.

There is a massive variety of wine regions you will get. The best thing is you get confused with the available variety there. And if you are the guy who likes to please his taste buds, then here you go with the maximum options you can try.

New South Wales and Victoria are the places where the majority of the wine regions are there. So for you, visiting these places is a must.

You can’t go to Australia and not try the wine! With such a massive variety of wine regions, it’s hard to choose between them.

Australia means visiting the largest Island in the world

Wait! Did you not know that Fraser Island in the largest island in the world.

This island is covered with sandy shores. Taking a Jipsi, Land Rover out there, and roaming around the place, feels fantastic.

This island is also situated at the edge of the ocean; hence, you can imagine the experience you are going to have.

The other thing to witness there being a tourist is the dingoes. In that island, there are around 150 dingoes. These are Australian wild dogs. You can see these animals but be aware.

For people who live very far from Australia, this is one time ever to visit the place. So you should not miss a chance to see the beauty of this country.

Five Facts You Never Knew About Travelling to Australia

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Try planning your tour for Australia prior for ignoring any issues appearing meantime of travel. Read our other blogs based on Australia, which will help you to understand their demographic and travelling attributes more.

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