Investing In Yourself and Your Health is The Biggest Reward You Can Get

Why Your Health is Absolutely More Important Than Your Work?

Your health is a blessing that must never be taken for granted. The last year has shown us just how frail and fragile our health can be. Approximately 3 million have passed away due to the pandemic and most of these victims were healthy individuals who fell ill all of a sudden and in a matter of days lost their lives.

Health therefore cannot be taken for granted. One must constantly be on the alert to see if there are any signals coming from our body that may indicate any underlying problem. One good way to make sure that you minimise the risk of any health-related issue is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you want to know more about Lectin-free foods, visit Healthcanal to know more.

What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

In simple terms a healthy lifestyle is one which helps you stay fit and healthy. It involves eating good and healthy food, working out to keep your body in shape and being positive and happy in general.

If your body is healthy, your mind will automatically feel better. You will feel more level headed and be able to make better decisions in your life. But if your health is not good then it will send signals to your mind and these signals will then cloud other decision making abilities.

Have you noticed that our decision making suffers when we are feeling hungry? That is because the stomach sends signals to the mind that the body is in need of nutrients and since the brain is hardwired to keep the needs of our body on top priority, it signals us to take care of the issue at hand before doing anything else.

Similarly when you are sleepy, your body simply refuses to cooperate. You can push yourself to a certain extent when you are sleepy but everyone has a limit. This is what researchers in China, Japan and Korea found out. They realised that sleep and hunger are two most important factors that impact our efficiency levels, which is why schools in these countries not only have lunch breaks but also sleep breaks. Not only schools, even the factories in the emerging tech capital of China, Shenzhen have mandatory lunch breaks and sleep breaks. Just to make sure that the workers are well fed and rested before focusing on work.

Good sleep and a healthy diet is therefore absolutely vital for a healthy life. For this you will need to invest both time and money.

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The Past and the Present

Staying healthy, required commitment and investment. Our lifestyles have become so hectic that many of us can hardly take out time for ourselves. While it is certainly difficult to take our time, we must make it a priority to do so.

Each and everyone of us needs to take out time for some healthy physical activity. Why is it so important today? Because if you look at how humans have progressed. About a century ago, that was not too long ago. Our forefathers used to live a completely different life. They still had a very natural way of life, they used to walk long distances, work with their hands. Their work usually required physical exertion because a century ago industrial work was not so common. In fact even the industrial work required quite a bit of physical exertion.

They ate healthy food, they did not have all of the processed and canned food that we have today. They ate organic, preservative free food and then the physical exertion of daily work meant that their body used to get enough work out without them needing any extra workout.

Their lifestyle in simple words, kept them healthy. This was true for every country and region more or less. Today however our lives are completely different. Most of us have desk jobs, where we sit on a chair in front of a computer all day long. We drive our cars and bikes while sitting, we sit on a couch at home. Our food can hardly be called healthy. Many of us eat food that is stuffed with sugars and preservatives.

Our bodies are not meant for this lifestyle. The problem is that there is very little that we can do to change this lifestyle. Not everyone can leave their current life, settle in a rural area with a nice farm and live like Bilbo Baggins. This is why we need to make sure that our bodies get the work out they need.

We need to take out time to engage our bodies in healthy activities. It can be running, sports or the gym. Whatever makes you feel better, go for it. But each and everyone of us, needs to invest time into making sure that our bodies are healthy and that we are eating healthy.

This however is only one part of taking care of our health. There is another side to this picture. It is given that we cannot take our health for granted. We must take care of it, work out and eat healthy but even then no one can be sure that they will remain healthy if they do all of this.

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Health Insurance

Investing In Yourself and Your Health is The Biggest Reward You Can Get

Illness and disease or any accident can befall anyone at any time. For this, we need to be prepared financially as well. The best way to be prepared financially is to take out health insurance.

Health insurance is going to provide you a cover for the times when you will need it most. Public health services do not cover every medical treatment and private medical treatments can cost you an arm and a leg. We have all read stories about how people ended up paying with all of their savings to get treatments. It is also not just the cost of treatment. Certain ailments can make one unfit for work for a long time and in such instances, health insurance can provide the cover to keep you afloat without straining your finances.

This is why investing early in a good health insurance plan is just as necessary as investing in a healthy lifestyle is. Both of these aspects of investment in your health go hand in hand.

Your health insurance will give you peace of mind that if anything happens, you have got yourself covered and your healthy lifestyle will give you clarity of mind, agility and the energy that you need to get through every day. Together both of these investments will help you achieve your goals in life. This is why investing in your health is the biggest reward that you can get.


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