Mindfulness Guided Meditation to Let Go of Fear, Worries & Anxiety

Returning to Your Center

Join me on a journey to be your best self with this beautiful guided medication.

Welcome, my friend. In this meeting, I am going to help you understand that there are things that you can control and others that are out of your hands. This lesson will help you find your center and to know where to direct your energies.

Find a quiet room where you can get away from external distractions to concentrate only on yourself. Remember that at this moment, you are the center of your world, and nothing else matters. Sit in a comfortable position where you can put your back straight and then close your eyes. It is time to begin, just follow my words and relax.

(Short pause)

Empty your mind of thoughts, worries, and fears. Hear your heartbeat; feel the blood flowing through your veins. Inhale gently. Exhale slowly. You understand that you are a human being and that there are things out of your hands. You cannot control the rain that falls from the sky, nor the trees that do not bear fruit. You can’t control the flowing river, the breeze that caresses your face, or what people around you feel, say, or do. However, there is one thing you can control: your reactions to the things that happen around you.

(Short pause)

            Inhale slowly. Exhale softly. You can always choose to be happy; you can smile in the rain, be patient, or learn to shine in the dark. Feel how your body is energized by positive thoughts. You cannot decide what happens around you, but you can find your center. Your center is love, self-respect, and happiness.

(Short pause)

            Happiness is a choice. Love is observing your world with attentive eyes; respecting yourself is understanding that your dignity and happiness are above anxieties and fear. Now you know what you can control, and you understand exactly what your center is. I thank you very much for having invested your valuable time in this session, you can open your eyes when you feel ready.

Max Ignatius Atlas

I am Max I Atlas, founder and a primary contributor to GeoDiet.com. Welcome to my journey towards both physical and mental well-being, where we will explore staying in shape while rapidly approaching forty.

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