How to Have a Healthy Mindset with Geo – Day 28

Max Atlas Year of Change Day Twenty-Eight

expect nothing
Mandatory New Think Warning Reg: FO99

Today officially marks a full four weeks since I started this journey, and what an amazing ride it’s been so far. I can really tell that I’m making significant progress with my strength and fitness. Both physically and mentally, I feel a million times better than I did a month ago, but I’m most enthused by how far I’ve come on the mental side of things. If I showed you a picture of me from day one of my journeys and told you that in less than a month this guy would be eating healthy and getting up in the wee hours of the morning to work out, I’ve no doubt that you (and probably the version of me in the photo) would call me crazy! 

Being disciplined about my fitness has enlightened me about so many other aspects of my life. I daresay that this diet has actually made me smarter in some respects, simply because of all the strategizing and critical thinking I’ve had to do in order to plan things and manage my cravings. Last but not least, pushing myself to the limit has strengthened my mind to a point where hard work almost comes naturally to me.

I definitely look a lot better than when I first started, and have lost a good amount of weight, but I’m still not satisfied just yet. In fact, I’m actually glad that I’m not content with just being okay because I can now safely say that I’m enamoured with the prospect of becoming the best version of myself. I’m really excited to see what challenges the next month will bring because I know that no matter what happens, I’ll just come out of the situation much better off than before.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 28 #YOC

4 weeks in and an official weight day, I am feeling good, but will it show on the scale nervous nelly at the time of this photo.

Max Atlas Day 28 Year of Change Challenge
Max Atlas Day 28 Year of Change Challenge
Body transformation in 12 months from fat to fit  day 28

Here’s to another four weeks full of life’s triumphs and misadventures, all leading to positive growth one way or another.

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 28

Kept things more simple today and well worth it.

Geo Diet Day 28 Plan
Breakfast Gaining Protein Shake (280 cal)
Mixed Salad
DinnerChicken Breast
Cherry Tomatoes
Mixed Salad
Flaxseed Cookie
Daily Meal Plan Geo Lifestyle Day 28
Year of Change 
Max Ignatius Atlas 
Change Perception
Change Life

Daily Planner of Geo Life Accountability Day 28

I wish every day was a weekend, I am able to get so much done. Really happy to be working on my Dystopian novels again after so long away. Also, the stoicism and the medication are changing the way I see the world for the better.

Accountability CalendarHourly Update
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
07:00Woke to alarm
.30Run / Jog
.30 –
10:00Worked on my books
.30 –
11:00Worked on blog articles
.30 –
12:00Jet washed windows
13:00Oiled deck
14:00Friend popped in
.30 –
15:00Played cricket in garden
.30 –
.30Evening meal
Working on meditation
Working on Stoicism
19:00Blog and
20:00Card Game
.30 –
21:00Worked on production
for guided meditation
.30 –
22:00Checked blog and updated
.30 Supper
Listen to audiobook
23:00Updated Blog
Rest and reflection
Geo Life Accountability Daily Planner – Day 28 Year of Change

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Daily Exercise Planner Day 28 Geo Life Year of Change

Type Of ExerciseRepetitions
Jog2 Hours
LEVEL 1 HIIT Beginner Program
12kg Rice Sack Bench Press3 sets 10-10-8 reps
12kg Rice Sack Russian Twist3 sets 10-10-8 reps
12kg Rice Sack Jack Knives3 sets 10-10-8 reps
12kg Rice Sack Shoulder Press3 sets 10-10-8 reps
12kg Rice Sack Bicep Curl3 sets 10-10-8 reps
Punch Bag 3 sets 1 min
Day 28 Year Of Change Fit by 40 Exercises

Quote of the Day

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.
― Martin Luther King Jr.

Week FourBody Weight Reveal

I have taken this at the same time of the day, with just underwear on as I did on previous weigh ins.


  1. First thing in the morning
  2. After passing urine
  3. Underwear only
  4. Same Digital Scales
Week Four Geo Diet Weight Loss

I think the progress is good, but also I am feeling stronger and healthier so that’s also a win, I want to lose like 10 kg in the month, but I want sustainable weight loss, so in the month I lost 3.7kg which is cool.

Day 28 of the Year of Change Wrap Up

One month in and it certainly has been a roller coasters ups and downs, and for sure has been at times a challenge but other times very normal and feeling right. So long as the wins outweigh the losses I’ll hang on in there.

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Max Ignatius Atlas
Max Ignatius Atlas
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