In 5021, Humans Become Pet of Animals, Shocking Ending

Humans as Pets do They Want Payback?

It’s time to crash-land on that insane, awful, anti-evolutionary planet where a group of hairy, anti-jumping apes once again rule over us humans.

Who’d have expected that in a modern picture, we’d have to show the year numbers spinning about on the spacecraft dashboard, like a fuel pump or anything from HG Wells, to tell the naive viewer that we’re travelling back in time – or that we’d have to do it so early in the plot? Who’d have believed that after all the hype about the advanced ape make-up and the actors’ sombre study of monkey movement, we’d end up with primates who look like a prettier, cheesier version of Disney’s King Louie of the Apes?

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In the year 2029, astronaut Leo Davidson embarks on a rescue and recovery mission aboard the International Space Station aboard a pod cruiser. However, an unexpected detour via a wormhole in space transports him to a bizarre world ruled by talking apes. Leo leads the struggle to elude the invading Gorilla Army headed by General Thade and his most loyal warrior Attar, with the support of a sympathetic chimpanzee activist called Ari and a small band of human rebels. The race is now on to reach a hallowed temple deep beneath the planet’s Forbidden Zone, where the horrifying mysteries of humanity’s history – and the key to its future – await.

In the year 2029, a US Air Force astronaut lands on a mysterious planet where advanced, talking apes reign over a primitive human culture. An astronaut attempting to save a chimp astronaut in space crashes on a planet populated by talking humanoid apes. Leo Davidson is kidnapped by apes and held captive in a cage with other humans. All of the apes, except for one, had the same ‘human-hating’ attitude. Ari, a compassionate female ape, recognizes something peculiar about these individuals and offers to help them in any way she can.

Find out what happens next right now!

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