God Sent a Message to Every Person With The Date of Their Death And This Is What They Did

What if You Knew the Date of Your Death?

This bizarre film stars a wicked God who created humanity to make them unhappy and spends his time devising regulations to make life even more difficult. He has a cowed wife and a young, oppositional daughter who live with him in Brussels.

Enjoy: Plane Freezes Odd Things Happen

What happens next is shocking…

Ea, God’s only daughter, lives with her highly nasty and cynical father and her loving mother in a hidden Brussels flat. God is a dreadful parent who is incredibly bored. He can only get out of his dreadful habit by putting others under duress by imposing pointless, almost cruel “rules” that cruelly destroy our lovely days. His daughter, like her brother, is a sensitive soul who is fed up with her father’s care. As a result, she embarks on a task that her brother left unfinished: saving the universe from her insane father.

What Happens Next?

Before that, she ruins her father’s computer and makes the death dates of everyone public. After escaping, Ea must assemble six more apostles in order to put an end to her father’s tyranny. Ordinary humans, the apostles are gravely affected by the news of their death dates. She assists them in discovering who they truly are, and each of them recounts his own tale and composes a gospel, detailing the lessons learned from life, their interests, and the events that shaped their characters. Meanwhile, God is on the lookout for them, and as he realises how awful a world he has created, his abilities begin to fade.

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