Huge Storm Canberra Australia January 2016

A Large Hail Storm In Canberra.

Canberra Australia is in the height of its once again unpredictable summer when a hail storm hit that has led to countless vehicle and property damage, with a human cost and people requiring hospital treatment for injury’s sustained.

Canberra is slowly recovering from the storm and resident have been out in force cleaning there streets in typical Canberra spirit. Some of the hailstones were as large of golf balls.

It disrupted local services temporally. Act of God, Mother Nature call it what you will, I will certainly hope this is a one off and with climate change not the start of something bigger, like cricket ball size hail.

I think if you didn’t have fully comprehensive car insurance before this is the time to get it. Make sure you add Canberra to your list of places to visit in Australia see some of the links below for amazing Canberra holiday ideas.

The January Hail Storm Never Forget

Make sure you put Canberra on your must see list however is is essential you bring your umbrella at all times of the year.

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Dave P
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