How To Start A Motivational Speaking Business In 2023

Top Tips to Start a Motivational Speaking Business in 2023 

Considering how 2023 went, it is about time that people need to get motivated to get ready to deal with the world. In terms of monetary value, motivational speaking can be a very rewarding business if you know the art of speaking. While your focus might be on writing speeches and organizing events, don’t overlook the importance of setting up your business correctly. It might be worthwhile looking into LegalZoom competitors to ensure you receive the best possible support for your new motivational speaking venture.

A very wise man once said that there is magic in eloquence, if you are eloquent and know how to stir emotions up, then you have got the ability to put people in a trance and make them believe that they can do anything.

This is not an ability to ignore, if you have this, then you can go on to build your own motivational speaking business. If however, you do not have this ability then you can still go on to build up your motivational speaking business but you will need to go over a longer route.

Human beings have two types of abilities. We have inherent or innate abilities, these are the abilities that we are born with and then we have abilities and skills that we acquire in our life. Now innate and inherent abilities can vary person by person. Some people are just naturally good at singing, dancing, cooking, speaking or at any other skill. We can call them gifted individuals, if these people work upon their inherent abilities, they can become pioneers in their fields.

Others however, can also acquire the same abilities. You don’t have to be born with vocal cords appropriate for singing, instead you can take singing classes and work on your vocal cords to become a singer. You can put in hours of practice to become a dancer and similarly you can put in hours of work and practice to become a good chef.

Motivational speaking is just like this, You are either born with naturally motivational skills or you acquire these skills along your journey in life. In both cases however, you will need to go over a skill tree before you can set up a motivational speaking business.

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Step #1: Be Transformative

The first step or requirement for a motivational speaker is to be transformative. You need to be true to your self and to your audience or followers. Motivational speaking is very different from any other business or career. This is a career that touches the lives of other people, you can be an agent of transformative change in the lives of countless people. Therefore you will need to develop and nourish these qualities within yourself if you already don’t have them.

Step #2: Acquire Experience

You can be a good motivational speaker, you can know how to touch hearts but in order to be able to reach out to masses and run a successful motivational speaking business, you need something more. You need real-life experience to back your speeches.

Have an Inspiring Life Story!

Now this does not mean that you need to have a very inspiring life journey. Of course if you have it, then it will help you out. But if you are not someone like Elon Musk, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nelson Mandela or anyone who has a history of personal struggle and accomplishment, then what are you going to do?

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Have a Personal Story that Others Can Relate With!

Well in this case you need to have something firm to stand on. Your own life experiences, your personal struggle and growth. Remember that when it comes to motivational speaking, you need to be at a position where you can inspire others. If you yourself are struggling, then you will not be able to make a case.

Your accomplishments don’t have to be stellar. You can have your own personal story of how you managed to get rid of debt and became financially independent or how you tackled a demanding academic qualification and came out on top or how you managed to get through a debilitating health condition. As long as your personal story has got substance, it will work.

Research, Study and Build up Your Repository!

It is however not always possible to have such a backstory to build your motivational career upon. In such a case, you will need to work hard. You will need to build up your repository of motivational stories, anecdotes and life experiences of other successful people. If you decide to go down this road, you will definitely need to invest a lot of time in research and study. In addition to this, you will need to develop a style that will communicate with your audience. Most of the motivational speakers who take this route, have a natural talent or interest in public speaking.

Step #3: Get Visible

Your motivational speaking career will not be successful if you do not have visibility and one way of getting visibility is to appear at public speaking events. Every public speaker starts small, you can start at university, at your work, at your pub or at local events. Take part in public speaking contests, learn how to prepare for a TED talk, and basically do not let any public speaking opportunity get past you. Increase your visibility.

This however is the old school way, today you can do much more to increase your visibility. You have the internet, the potential to reach millions if not billions, so why waste this opportunity? You can set up your social media accounts and upload short clips of your motivational talks. If you do this properly, you’ll get very quick results.

The best way to go about this is to hire a social media advisor and manager. Someone with experience, who can guide you on how to build your audience.

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The bottom line is that in order to successfully start a motivational speaking business, you will have to spend a lot of time working on yourself. Determine where you stand. Do you have a personal story that can move people? Can you weave magic with your words? Motivational speakers are transformative individuals but this requires both time and effort to master.

People will only listen to you if you have to offer something of value to them and in order to find this out you will not only have to plan and research but actually go out and interact with your audience.

This is a career that takes time and effort. There are no short cuts in this career. Once you find your niche and your strategy, then you can work on your marketing, which is probably one of the easiest parts in this business but unless you find your niche and strategy, you will need to stay focused and work hard.

Listen to other speakers, attend conferences and seminars, read books and try to build up a repository of ideas, stories and anecdotes that you can then use in your speeches for people to relate with. Work on your personality, your delivery and your emotional intelligence because nothing else will help you in this career more than your emotional intelligence!

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