How to Pick a Watch an Australian Woman Will Love?

The holidays are coming, and it’s time to buy presents. Buying a gift for a special lady in your life means you have various options. Women who love wristwatches will be happy if they receive a new piece for Christmas. Getting one means you’ll make them thrilled.

Choosing the best watch takes work, though. You must pay attention to many different points if you want to get them something that will move them. If you pick something wrong, not only they won’t be happy, but you might pass a message that speaks something completely different.

In this article, we’re helping you make the right choice. We will share a few tips on choosing the perfect women’s watch. Before heading to Watch Direct and ordering the first model you see, go through these points and learn how to choose the best one.

1. Learn about her style

Every woman is different. To pick the right watch, you must know its style. If you’re unsure about what they prefer and what kind of watch they’d love, it’s best to go through the models they already have and wear them regularly. This is the best way to learn what style they prefer.

You can always surprise them with something new, but this is risky. If you want to play safe, find out what they enjoyed wearing in the past, and find a new brand, model, and watch that will be similar to these. You can’t go wrong if you pick the right style and give them an entirely new watch similar to the ones they already own.

2. Mind the trends

When looking at different models, make sure you’re not going with one made ten years ago, because chances are great, the person you’re getting the watch for will not love them. Unless it’s a classic model that never goes out of style, it’s best to pick something trending now.

These last few years, minimalism in watch creation has been trending. You’ll surely do great if you get a watch that is made with simplicity and elegance. Simple colours like black and white are also trending, and unless you’re going with a watch that is more jewelry than a watch, it’s great to stay within these lines instead of opting for something else.

3. Go for a popular brand

Always pick a watch that is from a popular brand. Unless you’re trying to get them something that no one else has or trying to support a local business and a watch manufacturer, you should always pick a brand that is known globally. Think Cartier, Omega, Rolex, Hermes, Seiko, etc.

You can never go wrong by picking one of these. They are always popular and trending. You can decide to get them a vintage model or a brand new 2023 model, but you should always pick a branded one.

The main reason is that watches today are more than a time-telling item. They are an accessory that speaks about the person wearing them. You’re getting them a status symbol, and every woman wants to present herself in the best way possible.

4. Mind the measurements

Although most stores will accept a return and a switch for the same model with different dimensions, it’s a bit complicated to do this, especially if you’re ordering online. This is why it’s best to know the right dimensions and order the watch that will flawlessly fit the lady’s hand.

You must check some previous watch models they’ve been wearing and measure them perfectly. The standard strap size is between 19,5 and 21 centimetres, but if they have smaller or big wrists, you should get them something else.

The case of the watch is also something to check. Tiny hands and arms will go better with a smaller model, while women who are not as petite would look better with a bigger watch case. 

5. Opt for a smartwatch if they love the outdoors

A great decision is getting them a smartwatch if they love the outdoors, working out, or keeping track of their health. Smartwatches are made to perfection these days, and although they are not the best accessory to wear at a glamorous party, they can still be pretty cool.

A woman that loves hiking, trekking, biking, or some other sport will be thrilled by your choice for a gift. If they already own a smartwatch, learn its model and get a more advanced one. You’ll surely hit a bullseye with it.


When you’re thinking about a present for a female person in your life, you might want to get them a wristwatch. Go through the points and learn what they love. Order a trendy model from a famous brand, and be sure you’re getting them a flawless gift.

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