How To Disable Video Auto Playing In Facebook?

How to stop videos playing automatically on facebook? 

Facebook is the greatest  and most amazing social network on the planet right now. A decade ago, this social network brought a revolution in the online industry. Before Facebook, no one can ever think of interacting with other people with such ease.

Facebook had opened the barriers for promoting things online. You can chare videos or images with our friends instantly and let them go viral.

Facebook has this tradition of re branding and redesigning the website for improved user interface. Recently it has changed its logo and icon design slightly, but in a powerful way. Right now, they are retouching the video part of the website. Few days back, Facebook team changed the HD button placement. Before the change it was placed along with setting icon. But after the change it was inside settings part. To be honest, I found that very annoying to first open the settings and change video HD settings.

Right now, Facebook has added a new feature of auto playing. With this new feature, video on your news feed will be run automatically without sounds. And you cannot disable it by just clicking on it. People are finding this very annoying. Because you don’t watch each and every video displaying on your news feed. May be some are so nasty to see. That’s why people are finding this function very frustrating.

The good news is that users can disable this feature in Facebook. After disabling the function, video will no longer run automatically. Until you click to run them, the video won’t be playing.

This auto playing function is also on the default in your Android and Apple devices. Most frustrating part is that videos will play with sound on mobile devices. As a result, it will cost your more data usage. Anyone will have a problem with the fact of paying for the things that he does not want to see.

How To Disable Video Auto playing in Facebook?

So without any delay, let’s check below how to disable auto playing function in Facebook.

Disable Auto playing Settings in Facebook:

  • From top right menu of Facebook, select the option of
  • Now click on the Videos showing in the left menu.
  • Just click on the drop down menu right next to Auto-play Videos. Now you need to turn it off and you are done!

Disable Auto playing Settings on Android Device:

  • Open Facebook App on your Android device.
  • Tap on the menu icon that looks like three lines.
  • Tap on App Settings.
  • Now click on Video Auto-play.
  • Now choose option of Wi-fi only instead of On or Off[mks_separator style=”dotted” height=”2″]

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