How Not to Quit When You Want to Quit – Day 146

Max Ignatius Atlas Year Of Change Day 146

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This morning I turned my ankle a bit as I was out running. It was nothing too serious, and I was able to lumber back home before it swelled up, but it’s definitely going to be sore for a while. It would be best to rest and let it heal up before I run again, but I think I can still do upper body workouts if I’m careful. It’s a shame because this minor injury wouldn’t have even bothered me when I was younger, but I guess Father Time comes for us all in one way or another.

Despite my injury, I was still able to get around pretty well. I did all my chores without a hitch (though I obviously opted to drive around instead of walk), and I hardly noticed any pain as I was doing mundane tasks. I still got off my feet earlier than usual, and with my free time I decided to get lost in some reading. Even if I’m sedentary, I can still find other ways to work on myself.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 146 #YOC

You’d be surprised how much better you look with improved posture.

Max Ignatius Atlas Year Of Change Day 146
Daily Image Year of Change Day 146#YOC

I was a little bit conflicted during tonight’s workout, as I clearly wanted to be cautious with how hard I worked, but I had also planned to implement some new exercises the night before. I decided it would be best to just forego the new exercises and keep things simple, and I’m sure my ankle thanked me for that!

Body transformation in 12 months from fat to fit  day124

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 146

Dinner was chock full of legumes, a great source of protein.

Geo Diet Day 146 Plan
BreakfastBananas Protein Shake (252 cal)
DinnerChicken Breast
Mixed Salad
Cheddar Cheese
SupperCrispy & Nutty Granola Bars
Daily Meal Plan Geo Lifestyle Day 146

Year of Change 
Max Ignatius Atlas 
Change Perception
Change Life

Daily Geo Lifestyle Planner Day 146

I was able to do a surprising amount of work despite my ankle injury.

Accountability CalendarHourly Update
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
08:00Woke to alarm
Ready for jog
.30Light outdoor exercise
.30 –
11:00Worked on blog articles
.30 –
12:00Kids sports
.30Worked on book
.30Activities with kids
.30workout +
20:00Evening meal
.30 –
.30 Supper
23:00Updated Blog
Rest and reflection
Geo Life Accountability Daily Planner – Day xx Year of Change

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Daily Exercise Planner Day 146 Geo Life Year of Change

Kept my workout short and simple today.

Saturday Exercise Routine  Notes  
  Running / Jogging    40 Minutes
Bench Press   Until fail
Bicep Curl   Until fail
Shoulder Press   Until fail
Bent-Over Row   Until fail
One Arm Swing   Until fail
Calf Raise   Until fail
Triceps Kickback   Until fail
  Lateral Raise    Until fail
  Lying Dumbbell Fly    Until fail
Glute Bridge   Until fail
Russian Twist   Until fail
Jack Knives   Until fail
Tricep Extensions   Until fail
Saturday Routine
Saturday Year of Change Routine

Quote of the Day

“Every calamity is to be overcome by endurance.” – Virgil


Although I’ve been lucky thus far in that I haven’t really had to deal with injuries, I definitely did a good job of responding to one today. Things could have been a lot worse, which is why I’m glad that I’ve already taken measures to discourage injuries by focusing on my health. After I heal up, I’m going to do even more to prevent injuries in the future.

Day 146 of the Year of Change Wrap Up

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