How Fighters Recover From Injuries

One of the most popular but also the most traumatic sports is, of course, boxing, on which Vulkan Bet often accepts bets. Both organs and tissues of the human body are damaged during boxing. In this article, we will tell you about the most common boxing injuries. 

What are the most common injuries?

There are several causes of injuries in boxing. And there are several types of them: 

  • microtraumas, which include abrasions, bruises and other minor injuries
  • macrotraumas, which are significant injuries. 

Internal causes of injuries

These include poor technical training, health, overwork, overstrain, etc. Most boxers get injured because they are not well prepared.

External causes of injuries

These include poor quality equipment, shortcomings in the conduct and organization of competitions and training, poorly selected teaching methods, unqualified judges, etc. About 40% of all injuries occur due to external causes. 

Head and nose injuries in boxing 

Injuries to the head and nose in boxing account for 18% of all injuries – the same number of injuries account for facial injuries in boxing. The most common injuries are to the nasal cartilage, the bridge of the nose, and brow bone dissection. Less commonly, the inner membranes of the lips, cheeks, and auricles are injured. 

Hand injuries in boxing 

65% of all injuries are in the distal upper extremities. Therefore, boxers most often break 

  • fingers;
  • radiocarpal joint;
  • metacarpophalangeal joint. 

Dislocation of the wrist is the easiest for a boxer to get, as the athlete works with a fist, so the wrist is exposed to a large force. The main reason for such an injury in a boxer is a poorly fixed glove or not perpendicularity of the wrist to the point of impact. 

Therefore, boxers are advised to protect their hands with special equipment, such as bandages. It is also important to be able to choose the right boxing gloves. 

Rib injuries 

As a result of one strong punch, a boxer can get a fracture or bruise of the ribs. Very often, bones can break because they become weaker due to frequent blows. The result is difficulty breathing. 

In case of any rib injury, the boxing match for which accepts UFC betting Vulkan Bet stops. The treatment of a rib injury in boxing lasts at least 3 weeks, and about 4-6 weeks are required for rehabilitation. 

Brain injuries

In case of head injury during a boxing fight, a concussion occurs. It begins to move around the skull and hit the skull. As a result, memory loss and headaches are possible. It is important not to miss the signs of a concussion and consult a doctor. 


The treatment requires a recovery period of up to 48 hours, if there are no complications or side effects. However, it is not recommended to return to training and fighting for 1-2 weeks. Prevention of injuries in boxing: 

  • use of a special boxing helmet; 
  • use of a mouth guard to protect teeth and jaw; 
  • bandaging the hand; 
  • use of boxing gloves.
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