How Did Hitler Come to Power?

The Story Of Hitler’s Rise To Power

Before we say anything on this subject, we want to remind you that Adolf Hitler was elected by the people. Some people don’t know this, but he did not take over the office by force. People actually chose him. Sounds scary and unbelievable, impossible even. So, how did it happen then? There are three main reasons for his political mega win:

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1. Detailed and well-targeted propaganda. It sort of brainwashes people’s minds. Hitler, along with his main man, Minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, was the master of propaganda, of spreading lies wrapped up in “truth”. He mainly used the radio to promote his insane ideology, and listening to his speeches was later even mandatory. Of course, Hitler also used the newspaper and posters, as well as live speeches, but he prefered the radio. He was convinced that people need to hear the voice in order to follow. And unfortunately, he was right about that one.

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2. Crowd psychology. Known also as mob psychology, is a branch of social psychology and focuses on the reactions of the masses. Primarily, in short, it’s about manipulating large numbers of people in the direction you want. It’s very delicate, and it requires a lot of skill, charisma, and also knowing your own people and how to best appeal to them and their emotions. To put it simply, how to exploit them. How to trigger them. Hitler used this psychology to his advantage. There’s also a fantastic book by Gustave Le Bon, called The Crowd, which Hitler and Goebbels undoubtedly read and studied thoroughly. The book covers everything about the crowds of people: protests, gatherings, military, “how-to”, “how not to”, etc. Most importantly, it can teach you how not to be a sheep and blindly follow the crowd, but instead, use your own head. Hitler learned that and reversed it. Naturally, how you use that knowledge depends on you – hopefully, you’ll use it for good purposes. So, we definitely recommend reading it, since it is not linked to Hitler at all, but general knowledge that’s still applied today.

3. Of course, we have to mention malversations as well. Before Hitler gained the support of the people and won the elections, he manipulated some of the votes. Just like many before and after him. It’s nothing new. Many politicians in less fortunate countries do it all the time, keeping their innocent people in despair with rigged elections. Still, when it comes to Hitler, this is not a fact, just an assumption. Although, worth mentioning nonetheless.

And now, after this small introduction, let’s go to part two  – obeying cruel authority and Hitler’s monstrous regime.\

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