Health Benefits of Walking vs Running

Walking vs Running Health Benefits

By now, everyone already knows the extensive health benefits of staying physically active. However, the debate starts when people ask which activity will reap you the most benefits. Is walking really better than running? Or do they even have a difference?

1. Walking is Less-Prone to Injury.

In terms of weight management, both activities are great to make sure you’re getting physical activity daily. However, walking may be superior to running for those who have bad knees or just have bad bones in general. Because walking is low-impact, your chances of injury is lower. But if you are a runner and in good shape, running may help burn you more calories in the long run.

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2. Running Regulates Appetite Hormones.

Believe it or not but your hormones dictate many of your emotions. This includes your feeling of hunger or satiety. It’s been found that running helps curb down these hormones that tell us we are hungry. Thus, it further aids our weight loss goals.

3. Walking Improves Mood.

Walking also releases endorphins – the same hormone that’s released after an intense workout or run. Thus, you will notice your mood improve significantly after a 30-minute walk. However, because walking is less exhausting than running, you won’t feel as beat-up or stressed at the end.

4. Running Builds Up Endurance.

While walking can also improve endurance, you can achieve this more easily and quickly through running. Try running everyday for a week and you’ll quickly notice the difference in your endurance and tolerance for exhaustion.

To sum it all up, both walking and running have great benefits to your health. It’s just a matter of your preference and physical state which one will suit you better. Furthermore, you should also think of the goals you want to achieve so you can select the more suitable physical activity.

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