What Is The Best Time To Exercise?

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While everybody knows that exercising is important for health, not many people actually know when and how long should one exercise. Knowing the correct time to exercise would enhance your performance in your everyday’s life and maintain your health more effectively.
A good answer for the above question would be to exercise at the time which is right for you. Both morning and evening workouts have advantages and it is a matter of how you divide your time for your workout session.

Morning workouts

could really get some people going. When you workout, the brain releases endorphins which elevate your mood. Having a good mood at the start of the day would certainly make the rest of the day better, not to mention that you will feel healthier and easier to concentrate on your daily activities after enjoying the morning’s fresh air.
Exercising in the afternoon could serve as a stress relieving activities. During the day, people go on with their normal life.

Stress hormones

like adrenaline are secreted from the adrenal gland through out the day. These hormones will circulate inside the bloodstream until they are being utilized. What happen if such hormones got accumulated? If this situation happens, a person might have trouble falling asleep, sometimes even results in insomnia! An afternoon or evening workout could certainly use up all those accumulated stress hormones in your body. Furthermore, the freshness after a good work out would promise you a better sleep at night.
However, even thou the time of exercise depends on your own liking, by metabolism, you could increase your metabolism longer (which include afternoon and evening), compared to those exercising in the evening, whose metabolism last only half of the time. Besides that, having your workout in the morning would affect your brain productivity, which is actually beneficial for your daily work, especially when you are working after your workout. Concentration would be pushed to the maximum, thus higher productivity!
It is important to make sure you have some food before your workout. Some people would have


if they exercise with an empty stomach. This is one of the sign of hypoglycemia. If your exercise lasts less than an hour, it is better to have a snack such as bread or banana. If your session is longer, it is better to consume more calories (since you are going to use them during your workout). Some toasts or a small bowl of cereal and milk would be quite adequate. And remember to keep yourself hydrated all the time.
Some studies show that working out 3 or 4 times per week, 30 minutes for twice a day is the best. The Best time would be between 9am to 3pm. If your work out could be fit into that time line, it will certainly boost your metabolic rate and burn some calories effectively!

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