Guide to Finding the Right Standing Desk: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Make the Purchase

So you’re finally ready to embark on a sit-stand lifestyle and are considering the purchase of a standing desk. That’s wonderful! Getting the right ergonomic sit-stand desk is the first step to making the significant transformation that will create a positive impact in your life. And, we understand that you want to make this step right—it all begins with finding the standing desk that will meet your needs.

So let us help you. In this post, we’ll take a look at the different questions you have to ask yourself to guide you in finding the right standing desk. Let’s dive in!

What type of standing desk do you want?

There are two general types of standing desks—the manual type that comes with a crank and is operated manually and the electric standing desk that comes with a motor and a keypad that allows setting the desk height with a press of a button.

The manual standing desk is much cheaper than the electric type, but it also requires so much more effort to operate. You have to manually crank the handle in order to adjust the desk height, and this can prove time-consuming and distracting to most users. The electric standing desk is so much easier to operate because you only have to press one button to adjust it. But, it is more expensive. Check which is more important for you and make the decision based on that.

How much space do you have?

The standing desk comes in different sizes and styles. The common sizes are small, medium, and large. The common designs are the regular rectangular desk, the L-shaped desk, and the curved standing desk. Check which size and style will fit your space. If you have a limited space, you can go for the small standing desk. You can also try the L-shaped desk, which can be perfectly installed in the corner in your workspace. 

How much stuff will the standing desk need to hold? 

Every standing desk comes with a specific load capacity that specifies the maximum amount of weight that it can carry. The load capacity of most desks ranges from as low as ~100lbs to as high as over ~350lbs. And generally, the higher the load capacity, the more expensive the desk is. So, check all the equipment and materials you will need the desk to hold and measure the weight to ensure that you will be able to properly match it with the right desk. 

How many individuals will use the standing desk?

Will you be the sole user of the desk, or are you sharing it with other users? It’s important to note that every standing desk has a specific height range, so it’s crucial to find the desk with a height range that can accommodate your height, as well as the height of the other users that will use it. Some desks are designed for taller users, others for shorter users, while there are desks advertised as having a wider height range that can accommodate users of all heights. Check properly before you make any purchase.

What additional accessories will you need to pair the desk with?

Depending on your needs, the type of work that you do, and how long you expect yourself to be standing in any given day, there are certain standing desk accessories that you can get to make your overall sit-stand experience better. 

  • An anti-fatigue mat will help cushion your feet and legs from the strain caused by standing on a concrete surface for a long time.
  • A set of monitor arms can help reposition and lift the monitors away from your desk, freeing some space on your desk’s surface while making it easier to adjust the monitor position for comfort and better screen viewing.
  • A cable management system will help you manage all the cables and wires from your gadgets and devices, giving them a safe place that will keep them from cluttering your space and causing potential hazards and becoming an eyesore.
  • A keyboard tray is an option if you need extra space to place your keyboard on for improved comfort when typing. This can help reduce stress on your fingers, wrists, and joints, preventing conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Given all the pointers above, we hope you are now ready to shop for your first ergonomic standing desk. Find a high-quality desk from a reliable supplier and start making a positive transformation in your lifestyle one day at a time.

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