Which Australian Universities Do Employers Value the Most?

Australian Universities Employers Value the Most

37 of the best universities in Australia are included in the ranking of the best universities in the world, 15 of them are in the top 250. In total, 1000 higher education institutions from all over the planet got into the prestigious QS World University Rankings. Each university was ranked on six indicators, including its reputation with academics and employers, and its contribution to global science. Here are 10 of the best universities in Australia according to employers.

The University of Newcastle

Newcastle University traces its history back to the College of Medicine and Surgery, founded in 1834. After merging with several educational institutions, the educational institution received the status of a university in 1963.

The university is located in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, in the northeast of England; it has everything you need for first-class teaching, research and student interaction with teachers and with each other: one of the largest library centres, sports centre, art gallery, theatre and museum. You may think only geniuses study there, but there are wide opportunities for students who want to be at the top of the class like using writemyessay service.

The University of Newcastle is one of the world’s leading research universities, part of the prestigious Russell Group (the British analogue of the Ivy League). It is ranked 16th in the UK for research quality. In 2020, the university received nearly £ 100 million in research grant and contract revenue. The University of Newcastle is successful not only in research – it is ranked 11th in the sports ranking of universities in the UK and has been repeatedly recognised for excellence and innovation in the arts.

Newcastle University alumni include comedian Rowan Atkinson; chemist Neil Bartlett, who discovered compounds of noble gases; former CEO of Disney International Andy Bird; and many former and current members of the British Parliament. There is an active extracurricular life – student clubs, sports teams, a newspaper, a radio station and even a student TV channel.  Students can find a wide distribution of international exchange programs (partnerships with more than 100 universities around the world) and communication with representatives of different sectors of the economy.

Sydney University of Technology

UTS is located in one of the top cities and ranked among the top 200 universities in the world (2019 Times Rankings).

Transformed in recent years with a massive investment (over $ 1 billion), UTS’s main campus in downtown Sydney has state-of-the-art resources. The optimal location of the campus promotes contacts between students and future employers and opens up to students the best that there is in one of the most wonderful cities in the world. In turn, the UTS campus is an important “creative centre” for Sydney. The university sees its mission as guiding students towards “lifelong learning”. The university aims to give them knowledge and skills, on the basis of which they will develop throughout their careers as professionals, innovators, leaders. Studying there is quite difficult, but students can always use essay paper for sale or Many UTS alumni have made significant progress along the way. UTS students work in world-class research centres. The university maintains close ties with local and professional communities, businesses, enterprises, business circles – for students, these ties mean contacts with employers and good prospects after graduation.

Monash University

Monash University is one of the top universities in Australia and the world. In just 50 years of its existence, Monash University has managed to become the largest and one of the most prestigious universities in Australia. Monash University is the most international university in Australia with campuses around the globe.

The discoveries are dedicated to the most pressing problems of our time: environmental problems, security and stability in the world, health care, problems of public relations, as well as innovation and economic development. The university has over 100 of its own research centres, is a leading university in conducting scientific and test research on a global scale. In 2012, research investment totalled $ 214 million. Recently, UM has been recognised by the world community for research in the field of stem cells.

The bottom line

As you can see, all of these universities have distinctive merit. Students graduating from these Alma Maters are especially in demand because they have the solid knowledge and skills that modern employers need.

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