Funniest Sex Poses You’ll Ever Come Across (MUST TRY)

Funniest Sex Positions That Have Been Missing From Your Life

There are various ways to spice up your sex life, and these poses will definitely make sex more exciting! Couples often complain that, over time, their sex life becomes boring and monotonous. Although, there are a few ways to make things a bit more interesting. Changing your sex pose is perfect and has the best effect on breaking the relationship monotony. So, avoid the standard poses, such as the missionary, and switch to something new. These sex poses may look weird, but we’re sure they’ll bring a smile to your face. Unless you slip or something, then you probably won’t be smiling. But we want you to have sex and smile, so read on!

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The Drill

Well, it usually is some sort of drilling, but this time is different. So, a woman lays down on her shoulders, supported by elbows, and lifts her entire body up. She pulls her legs toward her, and the guy literally just sits on her vagina repeatedly. Not sure if it would bring a smile to them, though, but it definitely does to us imagining it.

The X-Pose

It’s basically like lesbian scissoring. Only it involves a guy and a girl. Come to think of it – could be fun, actually. And it doesn’t seem that hard. I might actually try that one with my wife, not gonna lie.

David Copperfield

Ooh, is this some illusion pose or something? Maybe David appears out of nowhere, and you end up with a threesome. Just kidding, of course. Two people lock themselves in, so to speak. They trap each other both with legs and arms, so it’s super tough to move. Kind of hard to explain, to be honest. But if you wanna try it, just be creative.

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The Pretzel

It’s as it sounds. You intertwine your bodies to look like a pretzel and enjoy the delicious flavours of a pretzel. Only with a little orgasm taste added as a secret ingredient.

The Spider

Well, this one’s pretty easy unless you hate spiders – then just skip to the next pose. Anyway, the man sits, and spreads his legs. The woman inserts herself between his legs, surrounding him with her own legs. And she lets the “spider” cum inside her. Sorry, it was a typo – come inside her.

The Fork

Don’t worry; no one gets stabbed with a fork. Well, at least not that fork. So, a woman lays down, and a man sits. She puts one leg on his shoulder. And the “forking” begins. The only problem is that it has to be done sideways. So maybe this one is best for those doing yoga regularly.

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Snow Angle

Awww, reminds you of childhood, not a sex pose. But now we’re all grown up, and winter magic means something a bit different. So it’s practically a missionary pose, only upside-down. Honestly, I’m not quite sure how a man’s jewel can hit that angle, but hey – can’t know until you try. And the winter is coming, guys. Better prepare your winter sex pose before all the zombies and dragons come, just to be sure.

The Cart

So, the next time you’re in a supermarket, instead of a cart, push your lady. Although, where will you put all your groceries then? Anyhow, you get it. It’s like doggy-style, only you hold her by the hips, and she walks with her arms and hands. Just don’t do it at Walmart, please.

The Lap Dance

Not everyone has been to a strip club, but surely you’ve heard of this. The only difference is that at a strip club, you’re fully clothed, and if you’re unlucky, you do it in your pants. Here, you’re naked and definitely lucky when it comes to an end.

The Waterfall

And the best for last. So, a man lays at the edge of the bed, but only his butt and legs are actually on the bed; the rest of his body is thrown back toward the floor. A woman then starts sitting on him, or better yet, falling.

So, which one of these will you try? Just be careful, though. It’s all fun and games until someone breaks his “muscle”. Anyway, if you enjoyed this, make sure to read Porn That Will Make You Puke. Spice it up a little. Come on, don’t be scared. We dare you.

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