Radio Message From The Resistance Part 2

Eureka Resist Radio – Ralph Jones

The World You Think You Know is an epic tail of loyalty, deceit and control, imagine you are being pulled in ten directions all at once, you can only choose one. The resistance group known as the Eureka’s have revived old technology the radio station aiming to wake people up from their sedation.

Resist or Conform Eureka Resist Radio

Transcript PART 2

You feel the darkness all around you. When you breathe in, your lungs tighten up. Your blood runs cold from fear. You breathe in again. It takes you a second to realize that there is no air. You are slowly dying, suffocating. You try to run through the darkness but it has no end.

You blink once and you find yourself in a dark forest.

A shallow path of scattered rocks and debris is illuminated by the broken moonlight. It’s the only path you can take. There is an invisible wall that prevents you from going backwards. What do you do? You continue along the road in search of answers, in search of freedom. The path does not end. It goes on and on, and you don’t know how many hours you’ve walked. Your feet hurt and you still can’t breathe but there is nothing else for you to do than to accept your fate and succumb to your evident death.

As you walk along, you start hearing voices. They don’t belong to you. They are loud and agonizing, they call you names and make you feel awful. Each thought you have is instantly replaced by a scream. You try to not think but it’s impossible. The screams in your mind keep becoming louder as the seconds pass and you kneel on the ground, covering your ears. Your attempt at salvation proves to be in vain.

The only thing you can do is to continue walking, hoping that the torture will end. As if your prayers have been heard, the loud screaming comes to a sudden stop. You stop in your tracks and mindlessly stare into the distance. You find out that you can’t think no matter how hard you try – you are stuck in the present and you don’t feel anything.

Once again you are left with one option: to continue walking. Even as you go along the endless path of no return, the screaming does not come back nor do your thoughts. You still feel nothing and it feel so wrong. Each time you try to think, your vision blacks out and a sharp pain courses through your body. You can’t be sad, you can’t be worried. Despair does not exist for you anymore and neither does happiness.

You walk and walk and walk until you reach three wooden doors at the end of the forest. The moonlight is still broken, the path is still rough and the dark trees are omnipresent in the shadows keeping you company.

There is something written on each door. When you glance up to see, everything becomes black for a moment and you find yourself standing further away. It doesn’t take you long to make your way over there again, however you soon realize that it’s impossible to read what’s on the doors. You are teleported away each time you look at them, which leaves you one option: to go through a random door and hope for the best.

Would you like to know what is written on each door?

Would you feel a sense of eureka upon finding out?

Or would your simple curiosity disappear along with the last trail of coherent thought?

Don’t go through the door.

Stop walking.

Take a breath. Again and again.

Fill your lungs and search the deepest part of your mind for something, something that will help you snap out of your trance.

The world is a nightmare but that does not mean you can’t wake up from it.

We are here to help you. Join us and regain control over your thoughts once again. Read what is on the doors before entering and choose your own future.

We are Eureka and we are waiting for you to wake up from your nightmare.

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Part two of a ten part mini-series from a fictional radio station, the struggle is real, but will people wake up from their comfort and conformity in time. Find out in Ralph Jones’s Survival Diaries.

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