Everything You Need To Know About Push Notifications to Build Repeat Traffic

What Is Push Notification How It Works

Do you want to use web push notifications to increase website traffic? This post will teach you how to improve website traffic step by step. Web push notifications have recently been one of the most effective strategies for re-engaging consumers and increasing repeat traffic. 

Websites use web push notifications and other channels to ensure that their subscribers do not miss out on special offers and updates. Why do most websites use web push notifications to increase traffic?

Push Notifications: What Are They and How Do They Function properly?

Push notifications are messages sent to users to increase income, strengthen audience connections, and encourage them to return to a mobile app or website. A push notification campaign should catch a user’s attention with short, to-the-point notice and a call to action for optimal user engagement. Though these personalised messages work differently on a mobile device or a desktop browser, they all have the same goal: to keep people engaged. Consumers must manually sign up for or agree to receive the notifications in both modes of opt-in communication.

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Benefits of Push Notifications

  1. Reach Out To Your Target Audience Whenever And Wherever They Want.

Want to keep your audience up to date on breaking news, popular articles, or freshly released items in real-time? Push notifications may be used by both publishers and advertising to improve user experience. Push notifications can assist you by pinging customised material to consumers’ screens. At the same time, they are already logged in to their preferred channel and simply appear with updated information.

  1. Provide Users With Highly Curated Content To Keep Them Interested.

Push notifications are akin to email — one of the most engaging channels — in that they are sent directly to the user. They are tailored to their preferences and habits. Publishers may also use bulk push notification campaigns to increase brand awareness, customer retention, and conversion rates without breaking the bank.

  1. Encourage Visitors To Return To Your Website.

In the end, you’ll want your push notifications to encourage consumers to return to your website or mobile app and engage with your content. GoGy Games, for example, was looking for fresh ways to engage its 10-12 million monthly players. As a result, the firm began sending out automatic push alerts to consumers, alerting them to its site’s most popular and relevant games. It also sends out messages ahead of time, when users are most likely to click, based on their time zone.

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Drawbacks of Push Notifications

  1. They’re Limited To A Certain Number Of Characters. 

Because push notifications are essentially one-liners, channelling the pertinent information that adds real value to the client.

  1. They Have The Potential To Be Intrusive. 

If you don’t do push notifications correctly, people may see them as spam and opt-out. You can even harm your brand’s identity if you’re not careful with the stuff you give.

  1. They May Be Mistaken For Advertisements. 

Because of the pop-up nature of push notifications, some users may dismiss them as simple advertisements and ignore them entirely.

Why Are They Used?

Push notifications are helpful and convenient for app users. Users may, for example, receive:

  • They may view sports scores and news on their lock screen.
  • Utility notifications include traffic, weather, and ski snow updates, to name a few.

Push notifications allow app developers to connect directly with their users. Their email click-through rates are twice as high, and they don’t get trapped in spam filters or forgotten in inboxes. They can also prompt users to utilise an app even if it isn’t currently open. They may also be used to motivate people to do things like:

  • Increasing revenue by promoting items or offerings
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Increasing the number of recognized clients by converting unfamiliar app users.
  • Sending transactional receipts as soon as possible
  • directing visitors to other forms of marketing, such as social media

Types of Push Notifications?

Web push notifications and mobile push notifications are the two forms of push notifications. A website sends out web push alerts. Even if the website isn’t open, you can get them on your desktop or mobile device. Web push notifications work with Safari and Chrome and are great for businesses that have yet to develop an app. Apps send push notifications to mobile devices. The consumer must first download the mobile app before the advertiser can send alerts.

How Do They Work?

Let’s look at how push notifications operate now that you know how effective they may be for your marketing strategy.

Platforms detect people who satisfy the marketers’ segmentation criteria and have at least one active device linked to an active push token when they utilise a platform to develop and execute a campaign.

Various sites choose the active devices to get the message after identifying the eligible consumers using frequency capping. GCM, FCM, and APNS are cloud messaging platforms that accept messages and take over the delivery process. The message is subsequently relayed to the end user’s device through the cloud messaging platform. 

3 Tips to Improve Push Notifications Performance in 2021

  1. Improve The Delivery Of Push Notifications

For quite some time, the mobile marketing sector has been plagued by the issue of push notification delivery. OEM limitations, network challenges, and other circumstances have cut the device off from the GCM service, which is critical for push notification delivery, negatively hurting delivery.

Push Amplification assists marketers in resolving push delivery challenges and finding a solution to the problem. When the GCM fails to transmit a notice, the proprietary cloud messaging service (Push Amplification) functions as a fallback and successfully delivers the notification to customers. With this solution, some leading businesses such as Bigbasket and OYO Rooms are witnessing a 15% increase in push notification delivery.

  1. A Concentration On The User Flow

The third most recent improvement in push notifications emphasises user flow, which aids client retention. Businesses with 40% recurring clients produced 50% higher income, according to statistics provided in this Kissmetrics article. Long-term clients also showed more loyalty, which aided companies through difficult economic times. A focus on client lifetime value is your best chance if you want to cut customer acquisition costs over time while also increasing income from your existing customer base.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The marketing automation industry has been infiltrated by artificial intelligence (AI). As this Forbes article points out, the rise of AI in marketing benefits both businesses and customers. Is 2021 the year you include artificial intelligence into your mobile marketing strategy? AI optimises all components of a push campaign, including push notification generation: message content, and push delivery, to help marketers get improved results from their push notification initiatives.

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