Enjoy Bong & Pipe Smoking to the Fullest With These Tips

More and more people are starting to turn to bongs and pipes to get high, instead of joints. While the use of joints is still somewhat popular, bongs and pipes offer people a better, cleaner way of getting high, with fewer chemicals. When you smoke weed through a joint, you have to consume all of the chemical by-products created by burning the paper, not to mention all of the chemicals actually present in the paper, like bleach.

If you want to take up bong and pipe smoking, then this post will tell you how you can get the most from it.

Bubbler Pipes

If you are planning on using a bong or a pipe, it’s worth checking out bubbler pipes. These pipes are a cross between an ordinary weed smoking pipe and a bong. Inside of them, they have glycerine chambers. It’s possible to buy a frozen variety of the traditional glass bubbler pipe, which has a frozen glycerine chamber internally, which enhances the smoking process significantly. Before you buy any pipe from any vendor, it is essential that you research them. Conducting a little bit of research before making a purchase will allow you to be sure that what you are buying is of the highest quality. You should always read a vendor’s reviews before making a purchase, too.

Deep Breathing

When you are using pipes and bongs, deep breathing exercises can help you to get the most out of your smoking experience. After all, what’s the point in smoking Cannabis other than to get high? Deep breathing exercises can enhance your high, making you feel as though you have smoked ten times more than you actually have. If you are new to Cannabis or the use of bongs and pipes, then it is a very good idea to do a little bit of research first. Rushing straight into deep breathing exercises will probably just result in you getting far too high for your own good. Make sure that you are confident using pipes and bongs before you practice deep breathing.

Grinding Cannabis

When you are loading your pipe or your bong’s bowl, use ground Cannabis rather than Cannabis in bud form. A lot of users pack their bowl full of bud, but this can be a bad idea since it can burn unevenly when you do this. Packing your bowl full of ground Cannabis can make smoking a lot easier, mainly because it will burn evenly, and you will get an even, smooth hit. It’s also worth noting that if your buds aren’t properly dried, then when you try to burn them, they could burn or they could char, which could ruin your smoking experience.

Including Mint

One tip that’s pretty well known by this point (and very effective) for preventing coughs and sore throats after the use of a bong is to keep a mint or piece of chewing gum under your tongue. Having a mint or piece of gum in your mouth can be very soothing, preventing Cannabis from having a harsh effect on your throat. The main reason that a lot of people avoid using bongs and pipes is because of this harshness and the inevitable sore throat that follows a long day of smoking. It can all be avoided with gum, believe it or not.

Rose Water

If you aren’t using a glycerine-chambered bong, then one thing that you can consider doing is using rose water instead of ordinary water. The use of rose water in place of ordinary water can make the experience of using your bong or water pipe a lot more enjoyable since it will impart a rosy flavor to the smoke. You should try to avoid using the colored version of rose water since it contains a lot of additives. Ordinary rose water is just distilled roses, with no coloring.

Discreet Use

If you are going to use a bong or pipe, then you should do so discreetly when you are smoking in public. Despite Cannabis’ widespread legalization, a lot of people are still not okay with it being smoked in public, especially around children. A pipe can be deployed quite easily without anybody realizing what you are doing, but the same is not true for a bong, which is very attention-grabbing. Find a quiet place to sit down and smoke your bong, so that you don’t release a plume of Cannabis smoke into a busy crowd. You should do the same with your pipe, to avoid annoying anybody.

The pipes and bongs are great. They are arguably the best way to consume Cannabis because you can use them very subtly, not to mention they are quick and effective, delivering a powerful high to users. They are also very cheap, making them a great alternative to joints.

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