What Happened On Easter Monday In The Bible?

Easter Monday, otherwise known as renewal Monday, bright Monday, or Wet Monday, is the Christian holiday observed right after the day that Jesus was resurrected on Easter Sunday. The Bible does not say much about the day that followed after Jesus’s resurrection, but most churches still hold it as part of their cultural traditions, with most of these churches holding special church services or awareness marches all over the world.

So, if there is no mention of Easter Monday in the bible, where did it come from? Read on to find out what happened to Jesus following his resurrection and the origin and religious significance of the holiday to Christians.

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The History Of Easter Monday

Easter Monday marks the end of the holy week, which starts at the end of Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday for the denominations of western Christianity. For eastern Christianity, however, Easter Monday is the end of the holy week, after which the work week resumes. This day is celebrated as a public holiday in over 110 countries all over the world.

The word “Easter Monday” was first used in the fifteenth century, when the celebrations were given that name. For Christians, the Monday following Easter, which is observed on Sundays, has a special religious meaning as this is the day that the messiah rejoined his disciples and his true followers to assist in the ministry before going to heaven.

All Christ followers gather to commemorate the Messiah’s coming to humanity in their respective unique ways, despite the fact that different Christian sectors observe the occasion in accordance with differing customs and traditions. Because it has no special significance in the Bible, the western denomination of Christianity regards it as a work day, whereas the eastern part of the religion chooses to keep it despite this.

After being crucified and rising from the grave, Jesus stayed among the early Christians for about 40 days (which are not well documented in the modern bible), appearing to his followers, healing the sick, and sharing the good news of his resurrection. Jesus’ deeds also aided in the founding of the first Christian church, where the disciples reportedly received the Holy Spirit. After 40 days, it is said that Jesus ascended to the sky to await judgment day.

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How Is Easter Monday Celebrated?

Easter Monday is not specifically a religious holiday. Some Christian organizations celebrate this day with marches and festivities outside. Some organize and participate in Easter egg rolling contests. Others observe Wet Monday, when partners, family, or relatives dump water on one another to rouse the other person from their sleep. Before the event is officially over, Easter Monday is observed with enjoyable customs.

Easter Monday is observed by eating sugary Easter eggs in several nations throughout the world. Given that eggs are a representation of new life, the aspect of the Easter egg serves as a representation of Jesus’ death and rebirth.

Easter traditions include egg rolling competitions in the UK and Europe in general. The first eggs to reach the bottom undamaged wins in this game, wherein eggs are pushed down a steep slope or any steep incline. Because of this, it’s also common to paint Easter eggs so that participants can adorn them to help them stand out throughout the marathon.

In the United States, a large egg rolling competition is held every year in Washington, DC, on the White House grounds. The President occasionally takes part in this communal activity.

What Comes Before Easter Monday?

Christians have an opportunity to pause during Holy Week, an eight-day period, to consider the transformation in humanity that Jesus’ death on the cross sparked. It all begins on Palm Sunday, as Jesus visits Jerusalem while riding a donkey.

The Last Supper, his execution, and his resurrection on Easter Sunday mark the culmination of the week. Christianity is founded on the fact that His death inaugurated the New Covenant that God had promised and that numerous Old Testament prophets had predicted, and this is the time when most Christians reflect on the cause.

Throughout Holy Week, Christians are given a rare opportunity to closely examine the tribulations of Jesus leading up to his death and resurrection, which is known as Easter. Every crucial action leading up to the cross, each and every breath he took, and his resurrection can all be observed in this crucial week, which is observed as a statement of his love for humanity.

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The Relevance Of Holy Week

Easter Sunday marks the culmination of Holy Week, which commences on Palm Sunday. Many biblical prophecies were fulfilled during this one week. Jesus was crucified on the cross on Friday evening, and rose from the dead on Easter Sunday in order to rescue humanity as a whole. He opened the gates of heaven, allowing for the forgiveness of sins and the entrance of Christians into God’s presence by suffering and triumphing over death in a self-sacrificing manner for the whole of humanity.

What Is Maundy Thursday?

The Thursday which precedes Easter Sunday is known as Maundy Thursday. Christians commemorate the Last Supper, also known as the Passover dinner that Jesus had with his followers.

Many believers commemorate the event by eating wine and bread during a ceremony known as Holy Communion, Mass, or Eucharist. It serves as a reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made for all people.

The term “Maundy” derives from Jesus’ instruction to love one another at the Final Supper. To remember Jesus cleaning his disciples’ feet at the Last Supper, the Roman Catholic priest cleanses the legs of 12 people during services.


Even though Easter Monday was not initiated by the first Christians, it has become one of the most celebrated Christian holidays along with Christmas. Millions of people the whole world over get together and celebrate the day Jesus came back to continue his servitude to humanity, and even though the holiday is not mentioned in the bible, it has now become a Christian tradition.

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