Cricketers Who Never Bowled a No Ball

Cricketers who never bowled a no ball are in a class of their own. These cricketers did not bow to intense game day pressure and were able to guide their stance from scoring no balls.

And with recent ICC rules costing a team a run and a free hit after a no ball, players without this error continue to earn more appreciation.

So, here’s a list of top cricketers who never bowled a no ball throughout their international career.

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Lance Gibbs – West Indies

The West Indies of the late ‘70s to ‘90s were formidable and ruled international cricket for several years. One of the most intriguing qualities of this team were evident in the fast-paced bowling of Lance Gibbs.

Gibbs was a complete spinner with a stellar record in Test and ODI cricket. He also has one of the best batting stats among cricketers of his generation.

Gibbs never bowled a no ball throughout his 82 Test and ODI matches combined. He also had measly economy rates at both international formats throughout his career.

Kapil Dev – India 

All-rounders in the 1980s always had a thing or two to learn from Kapil Dev’s playing style. Dev’s popularity soared in the ‘80s when his bowling and batting ingenuity led India to their first World Cup berth in 1983.

Apart from registering over 680 wickets and 9000 runs in his playing career, Dev never bowled a no ball. He had a high economy rate during his playing days and is still regarded as one of India’s finest all-rounders ever.

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Imran Khan – Pakistan

Many people outside Pakistan recognize Imran Khan only as a political figure. But Imran holds several records throughout his successful cricket career as a bowler and batsman.

Imran led his country to a Cricket World Cup victory with his fast bowling skills. And it’s quite shocking that Imran never bowled a no ball throughout 263 Test and ODI matches combined.

And apart from his avoidance of no balls during play, Imran registered over 540 international wickets in his playing career. He also claimed 7516 runs while playing international cricket.

He remains one of Pakistan’s most popular cricketers and was the country’s Prime Minister for some time.

Ian Botham – England

With 528 wickets and over 7000 runs, Ian Botham remains one of England’s best all-rounders. The cricketer holds a stellar record of avoiding no balls for over 218 ODI and Test matches.

He played cricket at several levels throughout his career and registered a decent economy rating by his era’s standards.

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Dennis Lillee – Australia  

Discipline was one of Dennis Lillee’s strongest qualities as a bowler for the Aussie cricket team. His focus on delivering balls with accurate length and line made him a bane to many experienced batsmen.

He was able to avoid bowling a no ball at 133 international Test and ODI matches combined. Dennis also amassed a decent number of wickets throughout his playing career.

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