Coorong National Park – South Australia

Coorong National Park is one protected area of South Australia. It is located at a distance of 156 kilometers south east of Adelaide. This national park came into establishment on the first day of 1966. A very interesting fact lies in regard to the name of this national park. Interestingly, it is considered to be a corruption of the word ‘kurangh’ that was used by the Aboriginal people of Australia. The meaning of Kurangh is long neck. It was nothing but a reference to the shape of this Lagoon system. Coorong National Park is one of the tourist spots of the region of South Australia.

The Beauty Of Coorong National Park:

Coorong National Park stretches for more than 130 kilometers. Amusingly, this park protects a string of the saltwater lagoons that are sheltered from the Southern Ocean by the way of the sweeping sand dunes of the Younghusband Peninsula. This park has become an important archaeological site today. The Coorong National Park has been recognized as an Important Bird Area by the BirdLife International. Various birds like sharp-tailed sandpiper, red-capped plover, chestnut teal, Australasian bitters, red-neck stint, etc have been supported by this park. This park is also an important breeding area of ducks, swans, terns, grebes etc.


The idea of camping at the Coorong National Park is not a bad idea. How amazing it would be to experience the night sky alongside the beautiful salt lagoons. The white sandy beaches at one of the campgrounds of the park are very attractive. The campgrounds are spacious. And they can accommodate enough people. The younghusband Peninsula is one beautiful camping site of the area. You can reach there by the way of boating . Apart from that, there are plenty of other camping options as well.

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