Classic vs. Contemporary: Evolution of Velvet Dresses in Pakistan

Velvet has always been the queen of luxury fabrics. Its royal finish and gorgeous impression always lie at the top of luxury fashion. Overtime velvet has evolved into a luxurious and statement-making fabric with multiple styling options and various attributes of this fashionable fabric. Velvet dresses are popular among Pakistani fashion freaks and every year comes with novel velvet trends and ideas. New designs are introduced every season to meet the fashion requirements of fashionistas and bring variation to the fashion charts across the country. All these designs feature the cultural essence of Pakistan. The most popular velvet dresses include our eastern kurtas and maxis to western evening gowns. You can find the latest velvet dresses online at

The essence of classic velvet dresses

In the past few decades, this cozy fabric has been used to design winter casuals and wedding attires. Our classic velvet dresses were a manifestation of cultural trends and traditions. The classic wedding velvet dresses featured rich embellishments such as intricate embroidery and lacework. Hand embroidery was the foremost feature of these dresses which made them unique and stylish. These dresses were thought to be an asset that was passed to the next generations. Classic velvet dresses are still available in different designs in the market and you can still enjoy wearing them as they are a timeless fashion. You can check out the latest collection of classic and contemporary velvet dresses at online and get your hands on your favorite dresses in no time. 

Classic embroidery techniques

Beadwork, lacework, and the use of traditional motifs were some common practices in those days. In addition to this tiny floral and geometric patterns were made on these velvet dresses. To add a regal touch to these dresses, different embroidery techniques such as Tilla work, zardozi, and gotta work were used. These types of embroidery techniques were mainly used to design festive dresses such as for weddings. Bridal collections featured these heavily embroidered dresses. In addition to this, newlywed brides adored heavily embroidered velvet attires on their post-wedding gatherings and invitations. These dresses included traditional shalwar kameez, Anarkali frocks, angrakha styles, ghararas, shararas, and lehengas. All these dresses were paired with voluminous dupattas.

Classic deep jewel tones of velvet dresses

The classic velvet dresses were mostly available and adorned in deep jewel tones. Maroon, deep red, green, emerald, and sapphire blue were the most common and highly demanded colors. These colors symbolized elegance and grandeur. These dresses were paired up with matching stone jewelry to enhance their royal look. These dresses were neatly designed and the craftsmanship was matchless. Due to their premium quality stuff, intricate embroidery, and royalty, these dresses were often passed to the next generations. They were long-lasting and durable.

Evolution of velvet dresses

With the evolution of fashion trends and the drift in the choices of fashion freaks, velvet dresses have also evolved to a great extent. Heavily embroidered velvet dresses have changed to minimalistic ad statement dresses that are paired with statement jewelry. Not only have the choices drifted but also the technology has changed which was previously used to craft the classic velvet dresses.  

Contemporary velvet dresses

The contemporary transformation has led to novel ideas and fashion-forward designs. These contemporary designs feature minimalistic designs that impart an aesthetic vibe. Clean girls look are preferred with these fine-quality plain velvet designs. These velvet dresses are adorned with subtle embellishments. Sequins, beads, and other delicate embroidery techniques are used to embellish these dresses. Most of the contemporary velvet dresses come with an embroidered neckline or embellished sleeves. The modern velvet dresses also feature embroidered back and defined hemlines. In addition to this, with the advancement in technology, embroidery techniques have also become advanced. Laser technology is used to craft laser-cut designs on the Velvet fabric. These designs are highly recommended and can be used formally and informally.

Pakistani designers have also revamped the cuts and styles of velvet dresses to bring variety to your wardrobe and to use your fashion with the latest trends. Modern velvet dresses are innovative and portray a vast array of silhouettes. The most popular and hyped styles include asymmetrical cuts, western cuts, and flowy dresses such as maxis and gowns. All these designs are fashion-forward and present a blend of Eastern and Western cultures.

The color palette of contemporary velvet dresses

Color tones of velvet dresses in Pakistan have also changed a lot and you can now find your favorite shades in the Velvet dresses. Unlike the classic velvet outfits, today you can enjoy wearing lighter and softer hues. You can explore neutral and pastel shades of your choice. Another amazing feature of these dresses is that you can mix and match colors. You can opt for a nicely embroidered velvet kurta and pair it up with plain trousers or straight pants of your choice. You can also opt for a pair of trendy jeans that match your kurta.

Contemporary wedding velvet dresses

Pakistani weddings are incomplete without the amazing velvet attires. Brides love to wear contemporary velvet dresses that showcase grandeur and individuality. Pakistan designers have come up with a huge number of bridal velvet dress designs and keep on updating and revamping their bridal couture now and then. These bridal velvet dresses feature premium quality lehengas and maxis that embrace extensive embroidery details. These dresses are very heavy and are paired with embellished Velvet shawls. If you are a winter bride and you wish to create a dreamy look on your big day, then you must have a look at these amazing velvet dresses. These dresses will create a royal look for the couple and make your day memorable way more than you think.

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