2024 Trendy Hairstyles: Glow with Amazing Hair Toppers

Christmas is around the corner, symbolizing the end of 2023. No matter how many hairstyles you have tried this year, satisfying or not, it’s time to move on to the new year’s hair plan. The earlier you start to prepare, the more choices you have. You can easily possess a gorgeous hairstyle with unique hair toppers while saving a lot of money before everybody finds out what has become the new trend. Pick up your new love in this blog!

Hair toppers

A topper is a hairpiece for women placed on the scalp to cover thinning hair or bald areas. It is usually made of a base and hair strands. Its base can be monofilament, lace, silicone skin, or free combinations. Most women toppers have clips on the base to ease attachment, secure wearing, and facilitate styling. High-quality human hair toppers for women can increase hair volume, add length, and be styled into various hairdos while seamlessly blending with your bio hair.

Benefits of styling with a hair topper

  1.   Hair protection

Hair dye, heat from straighteners and curlers, and even sunlight can hurt your hair, let alone thinning hair, which is more fragile. These elements can easily damage your hair and make it harder for your follicles to grow new hair and sustain existing hair. Partial baldness should not deprive you of the right to enjoy beautiful hairstyles; a hair topper is born for this purpose. It can perfectly protect your natural hair and allow you to enjoy virtually all hairstyles. Style it!

  1.   Convenience

Washing a topper may not be as easy as throwing your laundry into the washing machine, but it’s easier than washing your hair. You have to shower or bend down to clean your hair. When it comes to washing a hair topper, all you need is water, shampoo, and a basin. A few minutes is enough to get your topper fresh and clean. Besides, wearing a topper and doing hairstyles can reduce the frequency of your visits to the salon. In other words, it saves you money and time.

  1.   Undetectable

One of the reasons why more women are putting on hair toppers is that they blend seamlessly with their bio hair and look just like their own hair. Nobody can tell you are wearing a topper if you pick a reliable hair supplier, such as Superhairpieces. For an excellent hair topper, being indistinguishable is the very basis of having different hairdos. If a topper has a beautiful hairstyle that seems obviously separated from your bio hair, it’s still a failure. For this reason, no one should buy fake-looking hairpieces; instead, purchase human hair toppers for an easy blend and natural look. 

  1.   Boost confidence

A head of voluminous and lustrous hair first brings you visual pleasure. This kind of delight accumulates as time passes by, and it will integrate positive change into your life, such as increasing self-assuredness. 

  1.   Durable

Imagine you have dyed your black hair blonde; as time goes by, your black hair grows out, making your top end up with small black roots and blonde hair strands. It will be a different story if you have a well-made blonde topper. Hair on toppers won’t change or move. They are nice-looking all the time.

  1.   Safe and premium hair material

Considering price and hair quality, Remy hair is the best human hair in the market. However, many hair suppliers use this hair type as a publicity stunt and sell poor-quality hair instead. To purchase top-notch human Remy hair, head to Superhairpieces. Their hair is selected under strict quality control. Before coming into use, every strand of hair is disinfected and heat-sterilized.

Hairstyles you can do with a topper

1. Cross over low ponytail

  After putting on your topper, divide your hair into three sections and tie the middle section into a low ponytail

  Divide the side section into two, bring the top part over the ponytail, and pin the ends underneath

  Repeat the same step on the other side, but this time across the hair over that first section

  Now, create a crisscross effect and repeat the same steps with the other two sections on both sides.

  Then you can pinch and pull to give a more volume.

For this elegant look, a lace hair topper is strongly recommended. With the highest breathability among all bases, it can function as an air window on top of your head, making your scalp breathe and feel the breeze. Choosing a hair topper with a French lace top and some poly paintings will be better. French lace is comfortable to wear and more durable than Swiss lace. Therefore, it’s popular. With skin material around, attaching and removing is as easy as pie. This low ponytail has no pressure on the head and needs no sophisticated skills. It can be viewed as an excellent choice of daily routine, fast and gorgeous.

2. High messy bun

  For a voluminous base, place your thumb in front of your ears and trace upwards to the top of your head. Then, hold your hair where you want your bun to sit. In line with your cheekbone, it is a very flattering hairstyle. 

  Pull out your face-framing pieces, scoop up the rest of your hair adjoining it into that previous section, and then secure it into a tight ponytail. To frame your face more naturally, the hair you pull out better be some of your bio hair plus hair from the topper.

  For the bun, bring your ponytail to the left side and hold the base of it with your right hand.

  Take a second hair tie. If the hair elastic is on your right hand, use your left hand to pull your elastic over the top of your ponytail.

  Stick your left hand down and through it to the front. Flip your left hand down behind your ponytail and grab onto the base. Bring your elastic over the top with your left hand, and a messy bun is done.

  Up the ends around the base and pin or tuck them out of the way. Pull your bun until it’s the size or shape you like.

When choosing a hair topper for this refreshing bun, density and base are the most important things to pay attention to. This bun seems loose and messy, but it needs a tight updo ponytail as a base, which requires a firm and secure hair topper. And a mono base is perfect for this situation. Monofilament materials are durable because they are more resistant to abrasion. A mono base can withstand the strain and pressure from a high ponytail. All the hair is tied up to form a bun. Therefore, to make the hair close to the scalp and conceal the topper base, medium to high density should be what you seek. Get one with a lace front if your budget allows, as it can provide a natural-looking hairline. 

Besides these two simple and beautiful styles, you can put on your topper and just let your hair down. This is the most effortless hairstyle with the most natural beauty. As long as your hair topper blends well with your hair, you will look amazing.

Simplicity has gradually become a trend. With the low ponytail and updo bun, you don’t have to worry about attending any occasions without your hair toppers, for they complement any of your outfits. 

2024, here we go!

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