Change Your Life In A Heartbeat With This Magic Philosophy

There are literally hundreds of philosophies, schools of thought, and religions. Each of these claim to have all of life’s answers, and also that they’ve figured out the best way to live. Along with this you also have dozens of self-help gurus who claim they can change your life, and make you a different person overnight.

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Sadly, very little of this stuff actually works. Which is probably why so many people struggle through life. That being said, there is one philosophy which does actually work. Not only that this philosophy has stood the test of time.

This philosophy is known as stoicism and it was created in Athens in the 3rd century BCE. Explaining this entire philosophy is way beyond the scope of this article. The simplest way to put is that stoicism is all about control.

The philosophy states that the way to find inner peace and change your life is by overcoming hardship. Not only that, you need to practice self-control and also realize that you cannot control everything. It’s also important to realize that your time on earth is short and that you must accept that. All of this might sound a bit abstract, so here are a few concentrate ideas for implementing stoicism into your life.

How To Change Your Life With Stoicism

Figure Out What You Have Control Over

There are two types of things in your life: the things you can control and the things you cannot. Happiness start with figuring out what you can and cannot control. Once this is done, forget completely about the things you cannot control. They are out of your hands and there’s no reason why you should worry about them.

Stop Judging Things And People

A big reason why people are so unhappy is because they constantly judge everything. This includes other people, conditions, and even themselves. The best thing you could ever do is stop judging things. More specifically, you need to stop falling into the habit of judging things as either “good” or “bad.”

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Practice What You Fear

One of the biggest tenets of stoicism is that you need to practice voluntary hardship. You need to make your life purposely difficult. By doing this you get used to hardship, and therefore difficult times are less of a threat. For example, by purposely going hungry, or experience what it’s like to be without food. Practicing this type of moderation can dramatically change your life.

Stop Worrying About How Other People Will React

Most of us spend too much time worrying about other people. What do they think of us, what are they thinking or feeling, how will they judge us and so on. Doing this is a complete waste of time and does nothing to make your happier. The fastest and easiest way to change your life is to simply stop worrying about other people.

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Imagine Your Death

This might sound a big morbid, by stoics believe you should think about death as often as possible. Doing this helps prepare you for the final day. It also helps to wake you up. When you see death as a reality, you’re more likely to take life seriously. You’ll also cut out things like wasting time, or worrying about things which really don’t matter.


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