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Attention Authors and Writers in Australia!

Are you looking to take your book to the next level and ensure it reaches its full potential? Look no further! Australia’s premier Book Editing Service is here to provide you with top-notch editing services tailored to your specific needs.

Why Choose Our Book Editing Service?

1. Professional Expertise: Our team of experienced editors specializes in various types of editing to cater to your specific requirements. From developmental editing to proofreading, we have the expertise to enhance your manuscript at every stage.

2. Comprehensive Editing Solutions: We offer a range of editing services to suit your needs. Whether you require a thorough developmental edit to refine your manuscript’s structure and concept, content editing to strengthen your narrative, line editing to enhance prose and style, copyediting to fine-tune grammar and consistency, or proofreading for meticulous error correction, we have you covered.

3. Per-word Pricing: We understand the importance of transparency and affordability. Our per-word pricing structure ensures that you pay only for the words we edit, allowing you to have complete control over your budget. Take advantage of our competitive rates to receive high-quality editing without breaking the bank.

4. Dedicated Attention to Detail: We pride ourselves on our meticulous approach to editing. Our team of skilled editors will pay close attention to every sentence, paragraph, and chapter, ensuring that your book is polished to perfection. We strive for excellence in grammar, style, coherence, and overall readability.

5. Timely Delivery: We value your time and understand the importance of meeting deadlines. With our efficient workflow and commitment to punctuality, we will deliver your edited manuscript within the agreed-upon timeframe, allowing you to move forward with your publishing plans without delay.



Our Editing Rates:

  • Content / Developmental Editing: $0.021 per word
  • Copy Editing: $0.021 per word
  • Proofreading: $0.015 per word
  • Copy Editing + Proofreading: $0.022 per word

Types of Edits Explained:

Here’s a breakdown of each type of edit we offer:

Edit Type Description
Developmental Editing Also known as conceptual editing or manuscript appraisal, this edit focuses on the overall structure, plot, and concept of your book. It provides feedback to refine and strengthen these foundational elements. This service is available for both fiction and non-fiction genres.
Evaluation Editing Also called manuscript critique or structural edit, this edit provides an overall assessment of your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, offering suggestions to improve its structure and narrative flow. This service is available for both fiction and non-fiction genres.
Content Editing Also known as substantive editing or full editing, this edit focuses on enhancing the content, coherence, and organization of your book. It ensures clarity, consistency, and strengthens the narrative. This service is available for both fiction and non-fiction genres.
Line Editing Line editing aims to enhance the prose, style, and language of your book. It focuses on improving sentence structure, word choice, and overall readability. This service is available for both fiction and non-fiction genres.
Copyediting Copyediting addresses grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency. It ensures that your book adheres to language conventions and maintains a polished and professional tone. This service is available for both fiction and non-fiction genres.
Proofreading Proofreading is the final step that focuses on eliminating any remaining errors, such as typos, spelling mistakes, or formatting inconsistencies. It ensures your manuscript is error-free. This service is available for both fiction and non-fiction genres.


Ready to Elevate Your Book?

Submit your manuscript or any inquiries to our Book Editing Service at Our dedicated team of editors will review your work promptly and provide you with a personalized quote and timeline for your editing project.

Choose our Book Editing Service in Australia and let our experts refine your book to its fullest potential. Prepare to captivate readers with a polished, professionally edited manuscript that shines.

Note: Our Book Editing Service reserves the right to review and accept projects based on availability and compatibility with our expertise and editorial guidelines.

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Please note that the advertised prices are starting rates and may increase depending on the scope of work and specific requirements of your manuscript. Factors such as the length, complexity, and condition of the manuscript may contribute to variations in pricing. However, rest assured that we are committed to providing you with a fair and transparent pricing structure. Our team will assess your manuscript and provide you with a personalized quote based on the specific editing services required. We strive to offer competitive rates while delivering exceptional quality and value for your investment.


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