Apple TV design, Specs and features

Apple TV design, Specs and featuresAt the recent Apple event 2015, the company launched its new updated version of Apple TV. The last update made for Apple TV was in 2013. Even that update was minor. That’s why users were expecting major innovation in the new TV device.

This time Apple TV was welcomed warmly by the fans. This company has the tradition of not following the tradition. Apple is too determined to present something innovative and out of the imagination. According to CEO Tim Cook, Apple TV is the future of the TV.

At a glance, it is equipped with latest and powerful hardware along with modern TV OS. These specs totally justify revolution brings by this device. This device has changed the way you use TV. Apps are the future of TV. Even this era has started. People are watching TV on their iPhones and iPad via apps.

Apple TV design, Specs and features

So let’s check what is more offered by Apple TV.

TV_Apple TV_Remote-Hand_MainMenu-Movies-PRINTCourtesy of Apple


In terms of design, it is much like its predecessor. It measures at 98x98x35 and has a weight of 425g. It is heavier and thicker than third generation TV. Well, this change is not so noticeable when we are comparing both set boxes simultaneously.

Now if we talk about set boxes, on demand video service is offered by the set box. You can even play games using Apple TV. More precisely, we can say it is merger of PS4 and multimedia streamers. Just imagine on demand video, games, music, Xbox and live TV streaming on one device! Isn’t great!

The important thing about this device is its new remote. It has touting features including touch screen, gyroscope and accelerometer. It uses wireless technology, which means you don’t have to point the remote towards TV. The gyroscope and accelerometer are going to help you in better gaming experience on TV.

tvOS and Siri:

I had never thought about a TV operating system. But this innovation has brought up by Apple, Inc. It has most modernized TV operating system called as tvOS. It means now on Apple Store, apps are available for iPhones, iPads and Apple TV.

Here comes the interesting part! Siri. I am sure you are aware of Siri. The most intelligent virtual assistant on the planet. I wonder what places are left where Siri is not functioning! Yes, Siri is going to help you in watching TV too.

TV_AppleTV_Remote_iTunesMovies-MazeRunner-PRINTCourtesy of Apple

Specs and Features of Apple TV:

Let’s have a brief look upon features and specs of Apple TV.

  • It has A8 processor to deliver the performance needed for modern apps.
  • It has RAM of 2 GB.
  • Two storage options are available for this device, i.e. 32 GB and 64 GB.
  • Apple TV supports 720p and 1080p HD output. Sadly, it does not support native 4K right now.
  • You can use Apple music streaming on this device too.

So the final thoughts on Apple TV. In short, there is no change in this device that you won’t like. It is premium as other Apple products. It is simply going to revolutionize TV.

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