Apple iPad Pro Vs iPad Air 2 – Which Is Better To Buy?

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In Apple event September 2015 when iPad Pro specs revealed, everyone is confused in buying decision, so let’s compare the specifications of Apple iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2 to make buying decision easy.

Apple iPad Pro Vs iPad Air 2 – Specs

Apple’s two very attractive and large tablets became word of mouth everywhere are iPad Air 2 and latest iPad Pro. However, both are large in size but still there are few specs differences they both have which made them perfect for users having different needs. Before you take any decision to buy one, you should know which one will suite you best as per your specific needs.

Size & Dimensions:

As in Apple event 2015, size of two demonstrated comparatively and it clearly seen that new iPad Pro is very much bigger than iPad Air 2, as two units of iPad Air 2 can be placed on one unit of latest iPad Pro.


The iPad Air 2 is 9.4 large while new iPad Pro is 12 inches that featured large height of Pro for getting work done in a better way.


Apple iPad Pro updated width to 8.68 inches from older iOS tablet device iPad Air 2, 6.6 inches.


Newer device came in 0.27 inches while older Apple iPad Air 2 was 0.24 inches that means older is slimmer.

Screen Size:

Apple iPad Pro has 12.9 inches while Apple iPad Air 2 has 9.7 inches screen comparatively.


Both Apple tablets are having difference in weight too as iPad pro weighing in at 1.57 pounds while iPad Air 2 has just 0.96 pounds weight. If we consider portability of tablet which must be key feature for any tab then we can say, commuter friendly tablet Apple iPad Air 2 is more portable than iPad Pro. However, iPad pro is cool for split screen multi-tasking that can help better in getting things done efficiently.

Display & Screen Resolution:

Both Apple tablets are having great retina display, but iPad Pro’s screen resolution updated from iPad Air’s 2048X1536 to 2732X2048 pixels.


Apple iPad Air 2 is having A8X while latest iPad Pro came with A9X chipset.

Apple iOS:

Apple iPad Pro having iOS 9 while iPad Air 2 has iOS 8.

One major difference is that iPad Pro is having 4 speakers on top and bottom while iPad 2 has only two.

Apple iPad Pro release date:

Currently, there is no exact date announced officially but it has to be released in November 2015, we will update you with release date as soon as it will be announce officially.

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