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iPad Pro is the latest and most advanced iPad presented by Apple, Inc. iPad Pro is thinner, lighter and epic like other Apple products. In 2013, Apple launched its new series of iPad Air after Macbook Air series. At that time, we were aware of the fact that Apple will present something more advance than Air series.

Here in 2015, Apple just did exactly as anticipated. It is one of the masterpieces presented by Apple, that’s why it has been called iPad Pro. A lot of people want to have one of these but the main problem is that it’s too pricey. But if you are eager to get one and your budget is not enough, consulting Abunda is a wise decision.

So let’s have a more detailed look upon iPad giant from epic Apple.

Apple iPad Pro Release Date:

Although it was first presented few days back in Apple Event September 2015. But it will be officially released in November, 2015.

Apple iPad Pro Specs:

Here are the salient Specs of iPad Pro:

  • It is equipped with best A9X chip. It is Apple’s third generation 64 bit chip. This chip is 1.5 times faster in performance than its predecessor AX8. In this way, this chip makes iPad Pro 80% faster than laptops in the market.
  • It works 90% faster than its competitor devices in case of rendering graphics.
  • Once charged, it can be run on straight 10 hours.
  • It is lighter as it weighs only 1.57 pounds.
  • It is thinner with a width of only 6.9 mm.
  • This amazing iPad is available in Silver, Gold and Gray colors.

Apple iPad Pro Features

After a brief explanation of specs, let’s dig in features of iPad Pro.

Retina Display:

It offers the highest resolution Retina Display than any other iOS device. This is possible because of 5.6 million pixels. It is like canvas with 12.9 inch screen. In this way, you can edit your 4K videos or presentations, etc. It is more engaging and fascinating.


It runs on iOS 9 that is the most secure and advanced operating system in the world. It allows more powerful and creative features on Apple devices. With iOS 9, multitasking can be done on this iPad. You can run two apps simultaneously on same screen! Isn’t intimidating!

Powerful Speakers:

iPad Pro is equipped with four high fidelity speakers. This audio setup provides sound system as big as its screen. It produces the sound that is three times better than the output of iPad Air. This intelligent device automatically adjusts the frequencies of sound while you are watching a movie or a game.

Apple Pencil:

Apple pencil is the revolution brought by the company. Truly, I could not think about anything like this device. Apple pencil is specially designed for iPad Pro. It brought new doors to the creative process. This device is so sensitive to the pressure and touch. Even it is sensitive to the tilt. You can make thinner and thicker lines with Apple pencil by tilting and pressuring the pencil.


Your finger print turns into unforgettable password using touch ID technology. Even someone else uses your iPad,  he would be unable to use until it is opened by yourself.

Simply iPad Pro is the epic device presented by Apple, Inc. releasing in November 2015.

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