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The ANZAC Parade is one of the most important destinations of Australia. And it is a prime commemorative way of the capital city of Canberra. The significant road and thoroughfare of the nation is used for various ceremonial purposes. It is also considered as a site of a number of major military memorials. They have sacrificed their lives only for the love and respect for their country. The ANZAC Parade Walk is carried out at this place in the honor of the Australian Army cops of World War I. The Parade attaches itself with the Gallipoli reach of the Lake Burley Griffin in the south as well as the Australian War Memorial towards the north.

Memorial Interpretation of The ANZAC Parade: –

The ANZAC Parade plays a very significant part as to its memorial interpretation. The ANZAC Day which is celebrated on the 25th of April accompanies a number of ceremonial occasions. The ANZAC Parade Walk is carried out and all the adjoining streets are blocked in order to make way for this magnificent parade. The groups of the armed services personnel as well as veterans proceed either towards the central parade route or towards the flanking and adjoining roads. The ANZAC Parade Walk carried out on this day is absolutely worth a view.

The Splendid Parade: –

The ANZAC Parade is accompanied and flanked by the Eucalyptus trees on the sloping banks on either side of the three-lane. At the centre lie the wide parade ground which is further topped with a granulated rock along with various planted boxes of a bush called Hebe. The ANZAC Parade is named after Australian as well as New Zealand cops who sacrificed their lives during the World War I. Thus, the Eucalypts represent the Australian and the Hebe is New Zealand. The ANZAC Parade Walk is termed as the walk of Australian War History .

Take Part in the ANZAC Parade Walk: –

If you are fortunate enough to visit Canberra anywhere around the ANZAC Day (25th of April) , you must include the ANZAC Parade Walk in your bucket list. Walking down this place certainly gives a gracious feeling with every step you take forth in their memory. A visit to this place is absolutely free of cost . And there are no particular visiting hours.

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