Why Always Having A Positive Attitude Is Actually Bad For You

Is always having a positive attitude a good thing? Most self-help gurus will say yes, you should strive to stay in a positive frame of mind. These gurus will tell you that its best to see negative events in a positive light. That you should make lemonade out of lemons, or that you should reframe negatives into positives. That changing your life is as easy as changing your thoughts. But is this actually true and is having a positive attitude something you should actually aim for? The truth, and this goes contrary to popular belief, is that this type of thinking can actually do far more harm than good. There are several reasons why:

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Why Having A Positive Attitude Can Be Bad For Your Health

The fact is that life isn’t always going to be perfect. No matter how hard you work, or how hard you try, bad things are going to happen. This is something you’re just going to have to accept. You have to understand that life isn’t always going to go your way. That good times and bad times and simply a normal part of life.

And this is why always having a positive attitude can be so bad for you. These types of people think that everything must always be perfect. They get upset if they feel unhappy, or if they have a bad day, or if they were unable to complete a goal.

Instead of simply moving on with their lives or taking care of the issue, they wind up having a literal nervous breakdown – simply because things didn’t go perfectly, or they didn’t get what they wanted. This is why trying to be positive and perfect the entire time is so dangerous. It’s also why you should avoid this type of thinking as much as possible.

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So does this mean it’s actually better to think negatively? The answer is yes and no. As with every single thing in life, you want to strike a balance. You don’t practice delusional positive thinking, nor do you want to go around with a negative attitude the whole time.

The far better alternative is simply to take life as it comes. Take the good with the bad and accept everything as it is. More importantly, realize that your attitude doesn’t necessarily determinate your altitude. This is why taking practical action is a far better option. You want to be the person who can get things done. When problems arise – and they will – you want to be able to handle them quickly, instead of falling to bits or simply giving up.

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Doing this is so much better for your personal development and mental health. Overtime you gain confidence and also strengthen your self-esteem. You’ll developed pride in yourself knowing you can handle the ups and downs which are a normal and natural part of life. At the end of the day this is a far better way to life than always having a positive attitude.


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