8 Stunning Australian Treehouse Rural Retreats

8 Best Treehouses in Australia to Stay in for an Epic Experience

There is something magical about those wooden treehouses. What a childhood fantasy was for all of us. A peaceful place where we could escape from the outside world and enjoy our evenings. There is nothing divine more than sleeping high up the sky in a treehouse. Fortunately, there are still many places in Australia where you can enjoy the treehouse experience.

If you want to have a great holiday experience then try staying in one of the treehouses in Australia. Furthermore, there are many treehouses in Australia which are as comfortable as any other accommodation you can opt for a vacation.

Let’s go through some of the amazing treehouses in Australia where you can have an epic experience for your next vacation trip.

1. Silky Oaks Lodge

The first one on our list is the Silky Oaks Lodge.

Silky Oaks Lodge is one of the prominent places in Australia where you can find an amazing collection of treehouses. This treehouse in Australia is known for its luxury and comfort. Moreover, you will find king beds, luxe bathrooms as well as a spacious balcony in each of these treehouses.

Silky Oaks Lodge is also close to the Mossman River. It is known as a fairytale location in Australia. From king-size beds and air-conditioned rooms to mini-bars and many adventurous activities, this location is worth spending your money.

So, you can get back t your cozy treehouse after spending a day swimming, hiking, and snorkelling.

2. The Oasis Treehouses

The Oasis treehouse resides among the amazing Tallows Beach. These treehouses in Australia are no less than a five-star restaurant. You will be welcomed with a glass of wine. The treehouses are cozy, spacious and also offers the facility of the heated spa.

Moreover, these luxurious treehouses of the Oasis also facilitate you with tennis courts, swimming pool, games room and tons of other facilities like these. Located in the 44 Scott Street of Byron Bay, it is the perfect place for you to spend your next vacation.

3. The Queensland Treehouses

If you a fan of treehouses, then you must have heard about the Queensland treehouses in Australia which are famous for their construction and the view of the rainforest. These treehouses are an only 90-minute drive away from Cairns.

These canopy treehouses of Queensland are made from the rainforest timber. You will find entire tree logs inside the treehouses in place of pillars. The whole woody interior and exterior is magnificent and alluring. Each treehouse contains spa baths with fully furnished rooms along with spacious cabinets.

The resort also offers various activities like hiking, fishing, hot air ballooning and visit to the scenic waterfalls. You will also get relaxing massages right inside your treehouse.

This 400-square-meters luxurious rainforest resort is an amazing place to spend your dream vacation.

4. The Pearl Beach treehouses

Australia is full of wonders and magic. It has something for everyone visiting it. Located on the New South Wales Central Coast, the next magnificent treehouse is the Pearl Beach treehouse.

These treehouses are two-story which are good enough to spend an entire family vacation. For all those who love nature and want to experience life inside trees, this place is ideal for them. These cottages are highly-spacious and their balconies are wide and surrounded by trees.

It won’t be wrong to call these treehouses huge-size villas. You will everything from the dining room, living room, alleys, balconies and a full-furnished home experience here.

With a space of eight people in the cottage, the pearl beach treehouses are no less than a fantasy come true.

5. Thala Beach Treehouses

Thala Beach treehouses are on a private beach in North Queensland. The place consists of around 83 uniquely designed treehouses. These treehouses are eco-friendly and known as the paradise of Australia.

These treehouses consist of not too large but comfortable rooms. You will find everything you need in this place. There are also balconies to view the surroundings.

Residing inside the forest canopy, these treehouses offer a heavenly escape from the outside world.

6. Wollemi Wilderness Treehouses

Looking to spend a romantic weekend with your partner? Try the heavenly beauty of Wollemi treehouse. Located in the wilderness of Blue Mountains, it is the perfect place to enjoy a rainforest romance.

The entire area is spread over 600 acres. The interior of these houses consists of tree branches which can be seen from the ceiling to the floor. The windows are wide and offer amazing views of scenic beauty.

The place offers everything you need to spend a perfect weekend from the spa, cozy fireplaces, and spacious balconies. There is a space of only two people inside the cottage as it is specifically designed for couples.

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7. Rose Gum Wilderness Retreat

The next one on our list is one of the unique treehouses in Australia. The magnificent Rose Gum Wilderness Retreat is a paradise for all the nature lovers out there. If you want to escape from the daily routine of city buzzing, then try spending a weekend at this place.

Rose Gum Wilderness Retreat consists of nine treehouses. Each of these treehouses is named on a local bird species which lives in this rainforest. The rainforest is highly diverse and there are over 160 species of birds living here.

These cabins are perfect for privacy, peace and an experience close to nature.

8. Giraffe Treehouses

Although there are tons of amazing treehouses in Australia let us just slow down and end up our discussion here. The last unique treehouse on our list is known as the Giraffe treehouse.

These cottages are so high that you can feed the giraffes while staying inside your treehouse. You can step out on your balcony and enjoy the view of wildlife around you. The place is no less than an African-American safari trip.

Moreover, you will enjoy the experience of spas, bathtubs and cozy room in these cabins. Thus, these cabins are the true definition of experiencing wildlife while staying within the comfort of your treehouse. So, plan your next family vacation here and enjoy the wilderness of these exotic and magnificent treehouses.

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