5 Tips for Going Aurora Tours Yellowknife

A lot of people have dreamed of seeing the enchanted Northern Lights. And one of the greatest spots on Earth to see the Aurora Borealis is located in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Your chances of seeing this amazing natural wonder might be considerably increased by taking Aurora Tours Yellowknife. Here are 5 suggestions to help you get what you want out of your experience with the Aurora tour in Yellowknife.

Examine When Is the Best Time to See the Northern Lights

In Yellowknife, the Aurora Borealis occurs year-round, although during the longest nights in the fall, winter, and early spring, activity peaks. To determine predicted activity for the dates of your visit, check out aurora predictions on websites such as Soft Serve News. For the best viewing, choose clear evenings around the new moon since the weather has a significant impact as well. Skip summer trips when vision is reduced by light pollution.

Dress Very Warmly

Even if you’re visiting Yellowknife in September or April, temperatures can drop below freezing at night. Be sure to wear multiple insulating layers, thick socks, warm boots, hats, scarves and gloves. Hand and toe warmers can provide extra warmth so you can comfortably view the lights longer without distraction. Your tour provider may supply winter gear, but check ahead of time about availability and sizing.

Pack Camera Gear Appropriately

Photographing the magical dancing lights is part of the Aurora tour experience. Protect your camera gear from the elements by using weatherproof bags and cases. Bring extra batteries and memory cards as the cold can deplete battery life faster. Use a tripod for long exposure shots of the lights. Manual mode with customized settings will produce better images than automatic mode.

Choose a Small Group Tour

For the best experience, opt for an Aurora tour with fewer participants whenever possible. Larger buses often have to follow strict schedules and move on quickly from viewing sites. Smaller groups can be more flexible based on conditions, allow longer stops if activity is good, and provide a more intimate viewing experience.

Have Flexible Expectations

Seeing the Northern Lights involves luck and perfect conditions aligning. Even during peak activity forecasts, a solar storm can fizzle out at the last moment. Going with an open mindset and not pinning all hopes on seeing strong activity can help you better enjoy the experience regardless. The tour alone beneath Yellowknife’s gloriously starry winter skies can be magical. Any glimpses of the Aurora are just icing on the cake!


While catching the Aurora Borealis involves some factors beyond your control, following these tips for Canada Northern Lights Tour can increase your chances of witnessing nature’s dazzling light show on display in Yellowknife’s skies. With the right planning and knowledge, right timing, warm clothing, camera preparedness, small group size and flexible mindset, it will ensure you have the best possible tour experience, with or without strong Northern Lights activity during your outing. So, book your Yellowknife Aurora adventure, bundle up, and get ready to be awed!

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