5 of the World’s Most Dangerous Places That You Should Avoid Visiting

World’s Top Five Most Dangerous Places

When you plan a holiday or look for a destination for your 2020 vacation, you envision azure waters with stretchy white sand, exploring the wild or historical and ancient towns and not danger or death around the corner. You do get risky or dangerous destinations that thrill-seekers still explore despite the dangers they present.
We are not even referring to one of the most dangerous countries in the world where bombs and airstrikes are a normal occurrence. Iraq, where coalition forces still carry out airstrikes in the western and northern Iraq. Many areas in Iraq contain impoverished explosive devices and remnants of war.
Even though tourists miss out on places like spectacular temples and what was once Tunisia, everybody knows that it is a destination that does not make it on a list of places to visit.
However, we look at 5 of the World’s Most Dangerous Places that you should avoid visiting which you might not have realized even exist or is really that dangerous.

1. Snake Island, Iha da Queimada, Brazil

When you read the name of this island you could either think it is simply a name or you could think this is a great opportunity to see snakes in their habitat as you could be a snake lover. Be sure if you go to Snake Island it would be your last visit to that island or anywhere else, you will not survive.
This island is off the coast of Brazil and widely recognized as the planet’s most dangerous place. It is so bad that the government of Brazil has prohibited any entry to the island. Should you happen to see if from the air or pass it by boat, give it a wide birth. The island is filled with the world’s most venomous snakes, Bothrops.
Even the island’s lighthouse has been automated since the lighthouse keepers have been attacked and killed by the snakes. Researchers estimate that the snake population continue to increase, however, the number of snakes per square meter is a minimum of five.

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2. Philippines

While you can visit many Philippines areas, the southern part of the Philippines including the beaches must be avoided. Mindanao, which is one of the country’s largest islands is known for the terrorist group, ASG, which are known for kidnapping for ransom. In Manilla violent crime and kidnapping continue to rise and these incidents are incredibly common.

3. Brazil

While Brazil is a beautiful country, when the world’s most dangerous cities was named, 17 of these were in Brazil. That should be a clear sign for you to choose a destination that does not include Brazil. In most main cities, crime is rampant with even the beaches posing a dangerous threat. The water pollution is a great threat in Ipanema which causes bacterial or virus infections. Also, the sand contains infectious bugs.

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4. Jakarta, Indonesia

When you own a timeshare in Jakarta, Indonesia or have it on your bucket list of places you still want to visit sell your timeshare and scratch it off your list. It is named as one of the world’s top ten most dangerous cities. Especially for female travellers, it is a city to avoid with incredibly high numbers of sexual violence where it was found in recent studies that one in three women in Jakarta has suffered sexual violence. In a report of the world’s safest cities, Jakarta came in dead last.

5. Mount Washington, USA

Adventure seekers love climbing mountains and see how much they can endure, however one place to avoid at all costs is Mount Washington in the USA. If you compare it to Mount Everest, for example, which is much higher than Mount Washington, Mount Washington is only 6, 288 feet yet one of the deadliest peaks in the world.
A human body would have the same effect than when they reach Mount Everest even though it is much higher, but other concerns too make it dangerous. Here the winds blow incredibly fast and it holds the record as the fastest wind on earth, here it blows at speeds of 327 KM/H. The wind is not all though, the temperatures go much lower than 40 degrees and the snowfall is heavy and continuous too.

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Keep in mind that none of these places will be remotely interesting, a challenge and you will not be a hero when you say you have climbed Mount Washington or Snake Island as you would probably not make it back.



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