5 Movies Like Danger Close To Watch

Best Movies Like Danger Close

Here is our list of Movies like Danger Close that we are sure you will enjoy. In August 1966, in a Vietnamese rubber plantation called Long Tan, 108 young and inexperienced Australian and New Zealand soldiers are fighting for their lives against 2500 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong soldiers.

Danger Close Related Movies List

The Outpost

Year: 2019

Director: Rod Lurie

In Afghanistan, a small group of American forces engages in combat with hundreds of Taliban fighters.

13 Hours

Year: 2016

Director: Michael Bay

An American compound in Libya is attacked, and a security crew tries to make sense of the confusion.

12 Strong

Year: 2018

Director: Nicolai Fuglsig

The first Special Forces squad sent to Afghanistan after 9/11 is shown in the movie 12 Strong. Led by a new captain, the force must cooperate with an Afghan warlord to defeat the Taliban.

Kilo Two Bravo

Year: 2014

Director: Paul Katis

Dam Kajaki, 2006. Young British soldiers are faced with an unanticipated and scary foe. A dried-up riverbed with a potential anti-personnel mine under each step. a mine that might end your life or cost you a leg.

Act of Valor

Year: 2012

Director: Mike McCoy, Scott Waugh

A top-notch Navy SEAL team leaves on a clandestine operation to rescue a kidnapped CIA agent.

The Best Movies Like Danger Close

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like Danger Close, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to Danger Close.

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