15 Strict Rules The Royal Kids Must Follow In Public

Weird Rules the Royal Family has to Follow

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle admitted in their honest interview, being a member of the British royal family isn’t all tiaras and travel. The Windsors adhere to a series of rigid and strange etiquette standards and conventions. Did you know that it is banned for members of the household to consume garlic in front of the queen?

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Being a royal, according to Disney, is enjoying a wealthy lifestyle in a gorgeous castle, where you’re pampered by lovely creatures while creating (and violating) your own laws. Unfortunately, living the royal life isn’t exactly as magical as we had hoped. Yes, they’re still affluent and renowned, with numerous possibilities that ordinary people don’t have — but they also have a slew of strange (and out-of-date) laws that they must follow or risk Her Majesty’s wrath.

Even the children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, and Archie, don’t have it easy. These peculiar customs are the same ones that princes William and Harry, as well as their forefathers, adhered to as children. We lay down the oddest regulations of the bunch, from clothes and manners to food limitations and travel restrictions.

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Although we may believe that royal children have everything they could ever want, their upbringing has traditionally been quite strict: their parents were required to dress them a certain way, teach them how to behave like little adults—no temper tantrums here!—and generally be hands-off, with nannies handling much of the caregiving.

Today’s younger royal parents, such as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are easing the norms to allow their children to have a more “normal” childhood. Princes William and Harry wish to carry on the work that their late mother, Princess Diana, started. Princess Diana modified several regulations for the better, like allowing hugs, encouraging friendliness, and included daily activities like dining at McDonald’s or riding amusement park rides in their upbringing.

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Even the youngest Windsors are subjected to the pomp, ceremony, and tradition that come with being a member of the British Royal family. George, Charlotte, and Louis are junior royals growing up in the limelight with their own set of rules. Here are the royal children’s dos and don’ts, ranging from outfit choices to attending royal activities.

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