10 Abandoned Cities and Places You Shouldn’t Visit

Places You Should Not Go Not Now Not Ever

Are you one of those that encourage people to go to the most haunted place in your area? You would even think twice about travelling to these 10 spots throughout the world, and you would probably avoid putting your courage to the test!

There have been movies that have taken you by surprise and scared you to death, but this is neither a horror picture nor a work of fiction. These are real places on the planet where few people travel, but they are never alone.

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Images of candlelight jack-o-lanterns, scarecrows, and witches on brooms may be associated with Halloween, but there are haunted locations all over the world. Though famous tourist destinations, these eerie sites have the advantage of being steeped in history and culture, which means they’ve been properly kept throughout time. This isn’t your typical haunted house night, where thrill-seekers enjoy a few gasps and chuckles in the dark. Instead, they are haunted locations full of bones, skinny cats, and the uncanny.

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Did you know?

Pripyat, the world’s most famous abandoned city, was created in 1970 to house workers at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which was only 1.25 miles (2 kilometres) away.

Because of the rising use of technology, it appears difficult to know that certain portions of the globe remain unknown and shrouded in mystery. The less you know about these locations, the more you want to visit them.

This is precisely how you will feel after reading about the world’s 13 most banned places. Continue reading if you want to be enthralled by impossible-to-understand mysteries.

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