Why is Pride, the Deadliest Sin

The Sin of Pride — Seven Deadly Sins

Out of all the Seven Deadly Sins, pride is likely to be the most perplexing–isn’t it a good thing for us to be proud of ourselves? While it is true that pride is perfectly healthy when it accurately corresponds to your sense of self-esteem and self-worth, it becomes problematic when it represents an inordinate sense of superiority or vanity. Indeed, with the sin of pride, the self (and everything about it) becomes the main pleasure in one’s life; in the most extreme cases, it becomes the sole pleasure.

The Sin of Pride — Seven Deadly Sins
The Sin of Pride — Seven Deadly Sins

It should come as no surprise then, that manifestations of pride can be a major hindrance towards living life to the fullest. Generally speaking, pride can get in the way of fulfilling relationships, adequate self-growth, and will inevitably cause some form of isolation from the rest of the world. An inflated sense of pride will ultimately prevent both others and yourself from enjoying everything you have to offer as a person. 

Pride: The Deadliest Sin 

So, how does one identify examples of pride in day to day life, especially the more subtle ones? As mentioned before, a sense of superiority and/or a fixation on the self are almost always indicators of excessive pride. If this is the case, one will probably look down on others or believe that they are more deserving of certain luxuries in life, simply for being themselves. In fact, a sense of entitlement is one of the most common manifestations of pride. We often feel that we are entitled to get exactly what we want–whether it be a job, a relationship, an object, or certain treatment–with no justification beyond the self’s inner monologue. Pride can also make you turn a blind eye to your flaws, which in turn will hinder your ability to grow as a person. An overly prideful person will try to invalidate any advice or criticism they receive, thinking that they’re already the best possible version of themselves. You may not consider yourself to be controlled by pride, but there’s a good chance you have exhibited behaviours similar to this before.

Is Pride Really a Sin?

Every person on Earth should have something about themselves to be proud of, but all of us are far from perfect. An essential part of respecting yourself is to acknowledge that you do in fact have flaws, which is the first step towards correcting them and becoming a better person. It’s easy to give in to that voice in your head saying that you’re perfect as is, but the truth is that you always have room for improvement, and should continually strive to better yourself.

In conclusion, it’s always good to be proud of yourself, but don’t let your pride blind you from all the other wonderful things in life.

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Fun Fact

Is Pride Really a Sin?

In human existence, pride is often regarded negatively – as the opposite of humility and a source of conflict between individuals and groups.

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