Why Is Peter Dutton Bald?

The Liberal Party has seen a shake-up with Peter Dutton ascending as the elected leader of the party after Scott Morrison left the seat vacant. In his bid for the position, he promised to unite the Liberal Party together in a bid to unseat the current Labor Party from power.

However, some figures from both Liberal and Labor parties have expressed their concerns about Dutton’s appointment as opposition leader and potential Prime Minister. Some liberals worry about Dutton’s conservative nature and the appointment of a ‘right’ leader to the liberal party’s leadership. Others are concerned about his extremism, remarking him as the wrong leader for Modern Australia.

An MP for the Labor Party, Tanya Plibersek, has made some snide remarks regarding Dutton’s complexion. On Brisbane Radio Station 4BC, she made comments such as “I am saying he looks a bit like Voldemort”. This has caused some backlash from other political figures and a response from Dutton himself.

Peter Dutton’s Recent Skin Condition, ‘Alopecia’

In another interview with Sydney’s radio station 2GB, Dutton responded to the Labor MP’s comments by revealing that he was diagnosed with a skin condition a few years back. Known as ‘Alopecia’, this condition causes one’s immune system to attack hair follicles. All of this results in hair loss such as what Peter Dutton is experiencing.

The Labor MP’s comments have stirred some backlash from figures such as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese who stated that it was uncalled for. He also urged politicians to be more respectful of each other within their political spheres.

Peter Dutton has also responded to these comments by saying they were “water off a duck’s back”. He also revealed to 2GB that Ms. Plibersek has apologized for her statements already. He then went on to say that his work-ethic makes up for his looks and compared the comment to the negative reactions found on Twitter and social media sites.

Dutton’s Rise To Leadership And The Reactions Around It

Although this scene paints a picture of unified and dignified stances from the Liberal Party, many within have differing opinions regarding Dutton’s new role. Many have stated Dutton to be a ‘dangerous person’ and a disaster waiting to happen for the party. Others are concerned that his more right-leaning views would be detrimental to Modern Australia.

The Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan labeled Peter Dutton as an extremist who’s not particularly keen on listening and stuck on conservative thinking. Although expectations seem to point towards his win as the opposition leader, other names floated around such as Karen Andrews, an ex-minister for Home Affairs and Victorian Dan Tehan, a former trade minister.

Whatever the case may be, it’s expected that Dutton will manage to snag the leadership position near unopposed. While this might entice some suburban voters to switch liberal, it might also alienate others who are against some of the policies he enacted during his various cabinet membership tenures.

The race is on for the seat of Prime Minister and we’ve yet to see whether this move will cost the Liberals another election or bolster their public image.

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