Why Doesn’t Peter Dutton Have Eyebrows?

As one of the most prominent politicians in Australia, Peter Dutton has been in the news quite a bit recently. However, one thing that’s been noticeably absent from his public persona is eyebrows. Now, this is not to say that Dutton doesn’t have eyebrows. Quite the contrary—Dutton has an abundance of them, as can be seen in many photos and videos of him online. But they just don’t show up very often because they’re not always flattering on him. So why doesn’t Dutton have eyebrows?

Peter Dutton a well-known politician of Australia does not have eyebrows.

Peter Dutton is a well-known politician of Australia and he does not have eyebrows. This is because he has had surgery to remove them. He says that this was because they were becoming too thick and interfering with his vision.

Is there a reason why Peter Dutton does not have eyebrows?

There seems to be a reason why Peter Dutton does not have eyebrows. It is unknown why this is, but it may be due to a medical condition. Some people with this condition do not develop eyebrows at all, or they have very low brows. It is possible that Peter Dutton has this condition and did not know about it until he was diagnosed recently.

Why is Dutton’s eyes are slanted down?

Have you ever noticed that when you look directly at Peter Dutton’s face, his eyes are slanted down? It seems like an odd feature for someone who is supposed to be in charge of our country’s security, but there are a few explanations for why this might be the case.

First of all, it could be argued that Dutton just naturally has a slightly downward-slanting eye gaze because he is viewing people from a lower viewpoint. This is common in higher animals, such as primates, who use it to see better up close and below them. In humans, this tendency can also be attributed to dominance displays and other psychological factors.

Alternatively, it is possible that Dutton’s slanted eyes are the result of astigmatism or some other form of eye disease. If this is the case, it would explain why he has had difficulty gaining employment in the past due to his inconsistency with eye examinations.

Whatever the reason for his eyes being slanted down, it’s worth keeping an eye on Dutton in light of recent reports that he was viewed twice by ASIO as being suspicious in relation to investigations into alleged corruption within the Australian Border Force (ABF).

There are various theories about why Peter Dutton doesn’t have eyebrows. One theory is that he lost them as a result of being the villain of Australian politics. Another theory is that they were deliberately removed by his surgeon to make him look more presidential. However, the most likely explanation is that Dutton simply didn’t have any eyebrows to begin with.


Peter Dutton has always been an enigma. From the moment he took up the role of Australian Home Affairs Minister, it was clear that something was off about him. And it wasn’t just his strange eyebrows – they were actually quite ordinary, even a little boring.

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